#The2Llife: Week One in the Books

GUEST BLOG By Harrison Thorne,
2L at UCLA School of Law

Week one in the books. Literally.

I spent the whole summer eagerly awaiting my return to law school.  I like law school – you meet interesting people, talk about interesting things and learn a lot. But then I remembered that the grass is always greener when I cracked open the Bankruptcy Code!

Yes, I actually do like being in school again. I spent the summer externing for two Superior Court judges and learned a lot about writing. But now I’m ready to get back to learning.

That said, this week has been a bit different. As a transfer, I was given the opportunity to write on to UCLA’s law review. I say “opportunity” because that is what it is. Most people would kill for a spot on a UCLA journal. So instead of whining about doing the transfer write-on amidst tough substantive classes, I got the materials and put my nose to the grindstone.

Well, okay, I did whine a little. Well … a lot. But I am doing the work! In fact, I am in the middle of writing my comment as I write this post.

I think this write-on is indicative of law school generally and, likely, the rest of my life and career: When faced with a seemingly impossible task – like writing a ten-page comment, doing a huge Blue Book exercise and writing a personal statement in four days – there are three choices.

  • Choice 1: Shrivel up and refuse to do the work
  • Choice 2: Complain, waste time and do the work
  • Choice 3: Do the work

I began the write-on process in the Choice 2 category. I complained about how it’s not fair, etc. Then I quickly realized that I’m complaining about the opportunity to write on to one of the most prestigious legal journals in the country. That quickly motivated me and brought me into the realm of Choice 3.

With that, I need to finish this up. So, until next week, thanks for reading.

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