What’s in my backpack 2L Edition

[ Stephanie Baldwin, 2L at the University of Arizona ]

When I was a 1L, I originally had this big backpack that I took everywhere, but then I started making better use of my locker and downsized the backpack. As a 2L, with fewer hardcover law books, I relied on my locker less and became more organized about what I had in my backpack. This was important because I often had to switch between my backpack and a professional bag for interviews, networking events and work. Plus, I was often running from school to the courthouse and back to attend an event in a single day without being able to go back to my apartment or even my locker.

This is how I stay organized and can move from a backpack to a professional bag to a clutch with ease.

My Backpack

Yep, it’s a knockoff, but I love it! It is small but mighty. It actually holds a ton of stuff without being too bulky. Yep, all of that stuff fits in the backpack! It has small interior pockets, which I use to store an extra car key, my earbuds, a power bank, a phone charger, an extra credit card and a little bit of cash. The backpack also is divided and has a protective sleeve for my laptop and then room in the front for my books, ballet flats, computer charger, wallet and my ipsy bags.  Why do I carry ballet flats? Well, since I am in Arizona, I wear flip flops all of the time. Having these flats with me allows me to look more professional in an instant, and they take up barely any room at all.

Organized by Ipsy

While I have never been a fan of makeup, I knew that I would need to enhance my makeup routine once I began working in the legal field. I still take a minimalist approach to my makeup, but before I started law school, I decided to spoil myself with an ipsy subscription. In case you are not familiar with ipsy, it is a subscription service where you get adorable makeup bags, as well as sample sizes of various types of makeup. The sizes are perfect for me, and it’s a fun way to try new looks. While all the makeup I get might be sitting in a box, the bags are how I stay organized. Actually, I am pretty sure at this point that I maintain my subscription just for the bags!

I currently have three different bags that I use to stay organized. One where I keep all of my pens, earplugs, a mouse, and post its. Another holds my makeup, and one holds travel-sized essentials, like wrinkle releaser. Plus, every one of these bags has 2-3 hair ties in it. I love that I can just grab these and easily throw them from one bag to the next and know I always have everything I need with me. Plus, one of them converts easily into a clutch. This allows me to easily leave my backpack behind and still take essentials with me.

File Folders for Books and Handouts

For some reason, the majority of my books this year are softbacks. We were also getting a ton of handouts, so I started organizing my books, notes and handouts in these file folders instead of binder this year. It actually makes it super simple to ensure I have everything I need for class, plus it keeps the books from getting ruined.

I know its rather simple, but this system has been a lifesaver as I run around during 2L! What’s in your backpack? Let me know over at the @The2LLife on Instagram and Twitter!