Winter Break Decompression

[ Mara Masters, 1L at Emory Law ]

Congratulations! You made it through your first semester of law school. Whether you are feeling exhilarated by your overwhelming successes or discouraged by your perceived failures, you did it. This deserves many, many gold stars.

It may be tempting to dive right into job application stress and final grade anxiety, but it’s crucial to take the opportunity to remember that there are things outside of law school, and many of them are wonderful. Family, friends, and 30 Rock, just to name a few. 

30 RockGet a massage

If you are like me, you have study shoulders that resemble the Hunchback of Notre Dame’s from all of the pouring over books you did during exams. I highly recommend Myofascial Release, which is geared toward the oft-neglected fascia instead of the muscles. Magic.

Go to the dentist

(or eye doctor or regular doctor). Get your flu shot. Please for the love of all things that are good, get your flu shot. 

Meal Prep

I admit that during the semester I am very terrible about eating the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables. My diet often ends up consisting of a lot of sweet potatoes and gluten-free chicken nuggets. I noted this in my semester review as one of the balls that I dropped and set a goal to be more intentional with meal prepping in advance. I am planning on trying out these quick meals along with some other meals that can be frozen and popped in the crockpot.

30 Rock Compilation of Memes

Eat, sleep, binge watch 30 Rock.

I know that research seems to indicate that you can’t catch up on lost sleep, but I’m inclined to disagree. Very few things make me feel as happy and rested as oversleeping and watching Tina Fey give herself a thousand high fives or dress as Princess Leia to escape jury duty.

Keep networking and perfecting your job search materials.

You definitely don’t want to neglect the job search and end up with the cover letter and resume equivalent of socks on your hands. Winter break is a great time to get feedback from friends, family, and mentors on your cover letter and to reach out to attorneys in the field for informational interviews. 

30 Rock Mama likesGet your Notebooks and schedule set up

I like to save this for the last week before the semester starts. It gets me back into the mindset of school and helps alleviate any last-minute anxieties I have about the semester starting again. If your first-semester setup didn’t work for you, check out some tips here!

Obviously this whole post was an excuse for me to use my favorite 30 Rock memes, but hey! It’s full of golden comedy and advice.