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BARBRI has prep courses to fit all types of law students and legal professionals. For those with or without a J.D. from a U.S. law school striving to pass a U.S. bar exam. For candidates seeking qualification as a Solicitor in England and Wales through the SQE or QLTS. For those who want to get licensed or dual-licensed as soon as possible. Or, for those who need more flexibility. Whatever your needs, wherever you’re studying in the world, BARBRI gives you the best, most proven legal examination prep available.

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Who we are

BARBRI offers the only seamless continuum of proven, technology-enabled legal education that empowers learners, law schools, and institutions across the globe. Our values embody and embrace:

  • Innovation
  • Excellence
  • Collaboration
  • Impact
  • Inclusivity

We're here for you

Wherever 'here' happens to be

We are a global organization in the truest sense, with partnerships and collaborations with leading universities and organizations around the world. This extensive network allows us to bring our experience and proven learning methods to law students, law graduates and lawyers everywhere. And while our reach is global, we are available to you on a local level, whenever you need us.

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1.435 million and growing

With an alumni network of 1.435 million and over 50 years of legal exam prep innovation and pass rate success, BARBRI is the largest U.S. bar preparation and legal exam company in the world. More licensed attorneys have passed a U.S. state bar exam by trusting a BARBRI course than all other courses combined.

More students trust us

"Let’s not beat around the bush: studying for the bar is genuine torture; however, BARBRI was a godsend. While everyone knows the BARBRI materials are the gold-standard, I personally loved BARBRI because of the support I received from their legal faculty and staff. Despite having thousands of students, I felt like I was their only student. Whether it was texting Professor Richard Freer on a Saturday afternoon regarding a civil procedure query or receiving a personal call from Mike Sims a week out from the exam to motivate me, I felt valued and unconditionally supported on the tough journey. I cannot sing BARBRI's praises enough. Thank you."

Andrew R

Harvard Law School

"Law is my passion and the BARBRI lecturers are the best I have ever known. The way they deliver the lectures in a fun but still professional manner makes learning fun and worthwhile."

Amina Makinta

Sheffield Hallam University, LL.B. (Hons)

"I was one of the students who thought long and hard about which bar prep course to take. BARBRI Bar Review was a perfect blend of self-study and more structured lectures. Sometimes I would need to sit in a classroom with other students to fully absorb the material. Other times, I was fine studying alone, and BARBRI offered that option. But I have to say what I found most useful were the 30-minute lectures on essay writing. Getting the right attack plan for each essay topic was absolutely crucial to writing effective, well-reasoned essays. BARBRI Bar Review is definitely the only bar prep course I'll be recommending."

P Lawrence Teal

USF School of Law
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