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Your 1L grades are too important

Law school is quite different from undergrad. A strong GPA and class rank matters to your summer job prospects and future employers. It means a better chance of getting on Law Review. It's even paramount to landing a clerkship position. There’s too much at stake when it comes to your 1L grades. Everything moves pretty fast, and you can quickly grasp the Black Letter Law using BARBRI 1L Mastery.

One of the keys to first-year success is learning the rules of law outside of class so you are prepared to apply what you've learned during class discussions – that moment when the professor calls on you. BARBRI 1L Mastery online study tools and final exam prep resources will help you adjust to a new learning style and establish sound, productive study habits.

Study tools for every required 1L course

BARBRI 1L Mastery covers all your required 1L courses: Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law, Real Property, and Torts.

BARBRI 1L Mastery is intended to benefit a first year law student currently in law school – whether it’s early in the fall semester or anytime during the academic year.

For those about to enter law school, there’s BARBRI Law Preview. Law Preview gives you the tools you need to start law school with confidence and even gain a competitive edge. Students enrolled in Law Preview also receive access to BARBRI 1L Mastery.

Course features

Superior law school outlines

Learning core legal concepts requires creating your own outlines. You’ve never done this before – it’s not something you’ll be taught in class – and it takes time. BARBRI 1L Mastery law school outlines will help you kickstart the process.

Take our detailed 1L course outlines and use them to springboard your own. It’s a solid approach in making sure you have no substantive gaps – or sudden desperation when professors begin to hint at what is likely to show up on final exams.

Expert lectures, “rock star” professors

Only BARBRI 1L Mastery’ video lectures feature the nation’s top legal scholars. Chemerinsky (Con Law), Freer (Civ Pro), Franzese (Real Property), Calandrillo (Contracts) and more. They’re able to distill down 1L course concepts and explain key principles in captivating, memorable ways.

These on-demand video lectures complement how you study and what you are learning in class. They are broken into sections so you can easily overview entire subjects or just review specific subtopics. You can also watch a lecture at twice the normal speed to review complete subjects in a matter of hours.

Practice questions, model answers

BARBRI 1L Mastery comes with hundreds of online multiple-choice and essay practice questions. To help you reinforce the substantive material, they correspond to specific sections of the video lectures. In addition, you can hone your writing skills by analyzing the model essay answers.

The multiple-choice practice questions are designed to test your understanding and memorization of the black letter law for each 1L subject (except Personal Property, which instead has short answer review questions). In fact, most law school final exams are multiple-choice. Watch a lecture, outline your notes and work practice questions for the most effective learning and retention.

Exam Taking Strategies Workshop

Law school exams are graded on a curve. What distinguishes students who score the most points? The ability to systematically analyze fact patterns and effectively communicate a mastery of the law. Our online, on-demand Exam Taking Strategies Workshop teaches you how.

Using a 5-step approach and interactive exercises, you’ll learn to analyze any exam fact pattern and write an A+ answer. This workshop covers: Deconstructing Exam Hypotheticals | Macro & Micro Time Management | Identifying The “Call Of The Question” | Outlining Answers Using Flip Flop | Drafting A+ Exam Answers (DRAC).

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BARBRI 1L Mastery

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1L Mastery lecture sample video

Fill in this form to get a BARBRI 1L Mastery Package video lecture sample presented by renowned Civil Procedure expert and published author Professor Rich Freer.

Why more students trust

“Thank you to Prof. Richard Freer for saving me in Civ Pro!!! Our entire law school loves him. When I talked to 2L and 3Ls about how to feel less overwhelmed by the huge amount of Civ Pro material, the advice I got was “watch Richard Freer (through BARBRI 1L Mastery), he will save your life.” I quickly understood why all the upperclassmen mention Prof. Freer’s name without missing a beat. He organizes the info in a way that makes sense and makes it easy to “keep it mechanical.” All you have to do is follow his steps! He offers great hypos and opportunities to check that you actually understand what he is saying. I never thought I would find myself laughing when learning about Civil Procedure, but Prof. Freer had fun while teaching us and added many jokes that made the material much more enjoyable. I even surprised my friends when I said that I actually enjoy Civ Pro. I never would have reached this point without Prof Freer, so thank you!”

Polly A. Berman

Tulane Law School

"The BARBRI first year outlines saved me this year! The materials are GOLD!! The BARBRI outlines are very efficient and great at breaking down complicated topics. I also used the practice essays and multiple-choice questions when studying for my exams. I finished the year in the top 13% of the class, making dean’s list. I also won an Excellence for the Future award for getting the highest grade in my Property Law class. I would highly recommend the BARBRI 1L Student Success Package."

Desiree Bagby

Pepperdine University School of Law

"As a 1L BARBRI was such a useful guide in order to understand the many complicated nuances that were involved with the core classes that year. I watched every single lecture by Professor Freer and to this day I will attest that he is the reason why I came to love Civil Procedure as my first year came to an end. The layout of the 1L mastery courses is so effective yet simple it makes understanding such overwhelming concepts feel like an attainable goal. I am so glad I found BARBRI and the mastery courses when I did."

Oluwagbemisola "Mimi" Whesu

Rutgers Law School

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