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Creating the highest number of licensed attorneys every single year for 50 years.


Our course works and students believe BARBRI delivers the best possible learning experience - in class, online and mobile.

BARBRI focuses on you the entire way, using innovative new learning technologies that personalize your bar study. Add to all this our elite faculty of highly-respected law professors and top legal minds that know the law and especially how to teach it for you to #OwnTheBar.

BARBRI pioneered bar exam preparation 50 years ago and our gold standard reputation continues to attract the overwhelming majority of law school students each year. BARBRI has helped more than 1.3 million students pass the bar - more than all other courses combined.

We have the longest history of pass rate success, going back 100 bar exams. No other bar prep program comes close.



Over 1.3 million students strong

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Discover the most proven and personalized approach to bar exam preparation. Study smarter, efficiently and with laser focus.

NEW LAW MASTER STUDY KEYS One of the most common questions we hear from students during their bar studies is "when do I start memorize the law?" The problem with this question and this strategy is that memorization isn't the same as learning and application. That is where the BARBRI LawMaster Study Keys come in.

The first key is to have, at the highest level, a manageable and memorable framework to learn the law and understand where all of the rules fit into that framework.

The next key to actually learning the law is to be able to bring together Rules, the Elements that comprise the rule AND a Story to actually apply the Rules and Elements to real world scenarios.

The LawMaster Study Keys provide this entire framework and experience and are exclusive to BARBRI, a product of having helped 1.3M students pass the bar over 50 years. They are a true reinvention to help you learn the law, not just memorize it, and Own The Bar.

EARLY START — EXCLUSIVE Engage with Early Start Bar Review 67 days or more before the BARBRI Bar Review course begins and you are statistically more likely to pass the bar exam the first time. We call it The 67-Day Effect.

With your BARBRI Bar Review course purchase, you will receive access to Early Start. Entirely self-directed and designed to fit into your schedule, the precise combination of tools and exercises will help you master the rules and gain insights on how these rules are tested increasing your likelihood of passing and making your bar preparation less stressful.

PERSONAL STUDY PLAN - EXCLUSIVE The easy-to-use online Personal Study Plan is your daily to-do list during the BARBRI Bar Review course. It continually monitors your progress and automatically recommends assignments aligned to your unique areas of need.

Video lectures, outlines, practice questions and workshops build over time to create a highly effective structure of bar prep. Frequent progress assessments help you to study smarter, not harder. Your Personal Study Plan analyzes more than 1,000 points of data collected from your assignments, grades, practice exams and practice essays. This helps you hone in and improve on areas of law that need the most attention. You spend your study time where it will yield the best results.

ESSAY ARCHITECT - EXCLUSIVE The online Essay Architect tool provides immediate feedback for higher scoring essays. It enhances your ability to write the lawyer-like answers that the bar examiners are looking for on the bar exam.

Essay Architect takes you through a series of steps so you learn to critically read bar exam questions, enhance the speed of your essay writing and construct strong, winning answers. Using drag-and-drop features, you build your practice essay following the standard IRAC format. Immediate feedback reinforces organization and structure. Then you can submit your practice essays to BARBRI for grading by a trained essay writing expert. Nothing is automated. You receive personalized feedback on the style of your writing and the substantive pros-and-cons of your answer.

SIMULATED MBE WITH PASS PREDICTOR - EXCLUSIVE By far, this will be your best predictor of bar exam success. Our realistic 200-question Simulated MBE compares your test results with other BARBRI students - the largest, most statistically valid group of bar exam takers nationwide.

Our two, three-hour testing sessions cover the seven MBE subjects (Civil Procedure, Criminal Law and Procedure, Contracts, Constitutional Law, Evidence, Real Property, Torts), providing a realistic preview of the mental and physical challenges you can expect during this portion of the bar exam. And only BARBRI has studied every single MBE since it debuted in 1972. In fact, the MBE portion of the bar exam has changed many times in recent years and so have our practice test questions. We've reviewed, edited and revised them to accurately reflect the most current MBE format.

MBE IMMERSION - EXCLUSIVE Only BARBRI has the MBE Immersion, built upon an evidence-based approach to improve law student performance on the MBE portion of the bar exam.

This two-day deep-dive experience kicks off the bar review course and is designed to accelerate the pace you learn the law and, in turn, successfully answer MBE bar exam questions.

BARBRI AMP - EXCLUSIVE BARBRI AMP is a highly effective way to master the black letter law and maximize your MBE score. It's built right into your Personal Study Plan — only when you need it based on assessments of your bar study progress.

BARBRI AMP employs interactive software techniques used by video game developers to keep you engaged, motivated and focused. It quickly assesses your level of knowledge and confidence in core areas of law, then focuses your attention where you need additional study. BARBRI AMP monitors your aptitude in real time and instantly configures follow-up questions until you’ve demonstrated a solid grasp of a concept. No other legal study aid does this.

CAPTIVATING PROFESSORS The BARBRI faculty reads like a "who's who" of legal scholars from the country's top law schools — Dean Erwin Chemerinsky, Professor David Epstein, Professor Paula Franzese, Professor Rich Freer, Professor Stanley Johanson, Professor Faust Rossi, Professor Roger Schecter, just to name a few.

They are experts of the law, engaging speakers and deeply mindful of the task at hand - to help you pass the bar exam. They've studied the science of learning and are familiar with the trends and nuances of the exam. No other bar review faculty is better qualified to empower you to #OwnTheBar.


ONLINE, MOBILE, IN-CLASS It's your choice. BARBRI gives you the freedom to switch freely between computer, smart phone and classroom. We don't limit you to studying alone or force you to pay extra to attend a lecture. Each day, you decide.

Stream a video, work a practice question online, or attend a classroom lecture. You know how you learn best. We give you the power to choose.

The BARBRI mobile app is available on iTunes and Google Play as a part of your BARBRI Bar Review purchase and experience.

THE BARBRI GUARANTEE It's solid peace of mind. The BARBRI Guarantee covers you if you don't pass or sit for the bar exam the first time around.

You can repeat the same state BARBRI Bar Review course online when it's offered next - without paying additional tuition.



The BARBRI Bar Exam Digest has all the information you need to know for every bar exam in every state and jurisdiction.

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Creating the highest number of licensed attorneys every single year for 50 years.