Any tips on automated video interviews?

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Question answered by Husnara Begum, a former City lawyer-turned career coach and editor of CheekyLittleCareers.

Husnara, what advice do you have for aspiring solicitors who are preparing for ‘automated’ video interviews? Indeed, is it even possible to prepare for one?

“Automated video interviews used by employers in the legal sector are not to be confused with live virtual interviews. The latter is done via a video-conference platform, the most common being Teams or Zoom, and which I’m sure most candidates will now be familiar with. And the interview itself will be conducted by members of the early talent team and / or lawyers. In contrast, the former typically involves law firms sending a link to the video interview platform to any candidate who submits a vacation scheme or training contract application. Responses to such video interviews are meant to complement job applications and will be considered alongside each other.

Automated video interviews can feel a bit intimidating because once you’ve started recording your answers there’s no go backing. What’s more, once each question pops up on the screen, you aren’t given long to respond. The duration of your answers is also limited (typically 60-seconds). Thankfully, a timer does appear on your screen indicating how long you have remaining.

On the plus side, unlike a live virtual or in-person interview, you are given time to prepare your answers so I’d recommend using that wisely. To this end, have a pen and notepad with you. Other than that, your preparation for this method of interview should encompass the usual stuff – plenty of research and practice.”

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