Approaching the 1L finish line

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The end of your first year in law school is quickly coming to a close. However, before you wrap up this milestone year, there are a few things you can and should do (beyond conquering final exams!). Here are some tips to make the most of your final weeks as a 1L.

Take advantage of Wellness Week offerings

Final exam season is never without its stress. Thankfully, there are plenty of opportunities to help you unwind and unplug as you gear up for your studies. Your school, administration and the SBA may have fun events and activities to help you relax a bit and interact with other students before reading work begins. Whatever your school has to offer (think everything from yoga classes to visits with puppies and/or kittens), take advantage and enjoy the diversion.

Pamper yourself

This may seem obvious but with the never-ending list of things to get done as 1L year winds down, it can easily be forgotten. Work/life balance isn’t something just to consider when you’re out in the workforce. Self-care is a habit to hone now. You need to be ready for finals and have the energy to master your material. It won’t do you much good if you’re sick, rundown or burnt out while you’re trying to prepare for or get through an exam. The same will hold true as you move into your legal career.

Self-care can take many forms — from a quick stroll outside or a long lunch with friends and family to spending some downtime engaging in your favorite music or hobby. Do whatever makes you happy in mind and body. Here are five ways to get some serious self-care.

Make the most of the reading period

Some people like to schedule their study time according to the credit value of the class, and some want to work on classes they feel they struggle in the most. Others will focus on their best subject matter. Find what works for you and stick with it.

Don’t get distracted or think that because you are doing things differently than others you must make a change. Think about what worked and did not work last semester. If you had great results last semester with reading cases, using supplements (like BARBRI 1L Mastery) or attending study groups, keep to that plan. If you decide to change things up, have confidence in your choice. You know YOU better than anyone.

Don’t forget to also take advantage of office hours and any review sessions being offered. This will help greatly with better understanding of concepts and provide an opportunity to build a relationship with your professors.

Appreciate how far you’ve come

It may sound super cliché, but seriously. You deserve a round of applause for the effort you have put into getting to this point and the skill set you have cultivated. You’ve nearly made it to the end of your 1L year. Just a few more steps and you will be a 2L.

Be proud of everything you have learned and all you have accomplished. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed as this semester wraps up or even feel some hints of doubt, remember that you belong in law school.

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