Time to check off any law school bucket list items

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Your time as a law student is coming to an end. Now is the time to make the most of your final months.

As you entered law school as a 1L, you may have had many expectations, hopes, and curiosities. With your final semester in full swing, now is the time to look back at what you’ve accomplished, learned, and conquered and set your sights ahead for the future!

Don’t let the final months and weeks fly by without checking off any remaining items from your law school bucket list. Below is a quick snapshot of many items you’ve probably checked off and a few you might still want to do.

  1. Participate in the majority of your orientation activities to solidify a friend group early
  2. Survive 1L
  3. Get at least one A
  4. Make a best friend for life
  5. Attend bar prep review sessions
  6. Share a meal or a coffee with a professor you idolize
  7. Absolutely crush a cold call and live off the ensuing high for hours
  8. Go all out with your Halloween costume at least once
  9. Attend a networking event (even if it is just for the food)
  10. Do the writing competition
  11. Nail an oral argument
  12. Pre-game for an event with your section
  13. Join your school’s intramural sports team (i.e. bowling)
  14. Survive attending your first class unprepared (it’ll happen eventually)
  15. Make friends with someone outside of your section and outside of your year
  16. Do a pro bono project that honestly makes you excited to become a lawyer
  17. Get your dream job (or just a job)
  18. Take a road-trip with your law school friends
  19. Participate in a school-organized spring break trip
  20. Get all the free stuff with your Lexis points
  21. Watch a local sports game live
  22. Pull an all-nighter preparing for class or for a final
  23. Find a suit that fits you perfectly
  24. Purchase apparel with your school logo on it (and wear it proudly)
  25. Join at least one student organization (apply to be on the board if you have time)
  26. Attend Trivia night with your friends
  27. Ditch the books for the night and go out dancing instead
  28. Spend a week wearing something other than leggings or hoodies around campus

But most importantly, make the most of your time as a law student!

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