New Year’s resolutions to jump-start the new semester

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It’s a new year and a new semester. Time to assess your old habits and make resolutions where needed. Are there things you should have been doing, or doing with more consistency, last semester? The new year provides a great opportunity to implement habits that will help you be a well-rounded law school student.

Here are six resolutions designed to help you get your new semester off to a stellar start.

#1 – Update outlines every weekend

Depending on your school’s schedule for finals, you could find yourself taking an exam or two in mere weeks. That doesn’t leave you much time to procrastinate. If you resolve now to outline each weekend, you should find yourself prepared to take on any quickly approaching final exams.

#2 –Get to know classmates better

If you at least socialize with quite a few of the people in your small section, you’re on the right track for making connections that count. Now, maybe it’s time to consider getting to know people in other sections of your class as well. When you get to know your fellow classmates, you gain a sense of community, commiseration and more. These people can relate to your challenges and triumphs, and are often your best support system throughout your time in law school. They may also become important connections for your post-law school career.

#3 – Become more involved in the legal community

If you are attending law school in the city in which you plan to practice once you graduate, it can be very beneficial to engage with the local chapter of the State Bar Association’s Young Lawyer Division (YLD). Membership in a YLD can provide valuable tools to navigate the early years of your career, opportunities to build your network of peers and mentors, and vital resources to help you grow personally and professionally. Attend chapter meetings and events whenever possible, or join a committee of interest, to stay up on important legal topics and to help others put a face with your name.

#4 – Make good use of office hours

Office hours provide a great venue for gaining a better understanding of class materials, especially if you could use a little boost on a specific subject. If you are doing your weekly outlining and recognize some gaps in your understanding, attending office hours consistently throughout the semester may help you fill those gaps. Besides, professors appreciate it when you visit their office with thoughtful questions and show a desire to put in the work needed.

#5 – Revisit and refresh your resume

No matter where you’re at in your law school journey, your resume can always be improved and tailored to your current search. You’ll also be surprised at how quickly your resume becomes out-of-date. Make some time to review and update your resume so you’re ready to go. If you need some help on creating your law school resume or what items are most important, review these tips from the experts at Major, Lindsey & Africa (MLA), the world’s leading legal search firm.

#6 – Pick up a hobby

Law school can be all-consuming, so it’s good to have an outlet where you can socialize and do something enjoyable. Maybe you pick back up on a hobby you abandoned since beginning law school, or you try something totally new. The escape with help you be a more relaxed, better focused law student in the long run.

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