If you take a BARBRI Bar Review course for the first time for a particular state and you do not pass that state's bar exam or do not sit for that state's bar exam, you may repeat the same course online once for the same state the next time a course is offered without paying additional tuition.

To enroll, choose your state, exam date and sign in using your BARBRI ID. The system will identify you as a Guarantee Student.

Your repeat course is only available for the next exam offered and does not include any upgrades, including supplemental workshops or a second set of books.

All guarantee students are entitled to new lecture handouts with their repeat course.

If a new edition of books has been released, you must pay a $250 refundable book deposit plus shipping and handling fees to enroll in the repeat course and you will be shipped a new set of books.

If the edition of books is the same as those used in your original course but you wish to receive another set of books, you must pay another $250 refundable book deposit plus shipping fees before books can be shipped to you.