Meet our Leadership


Lucie Allen

Managing Director, BARBRI International

Lucie Allen is an established and energetic leader with over 20 years of executive experience working across a variety of industries and verticals leading strategic commercial teams. She thrives on new challenges, building strong cultures, driving change and delivering results. Lucie has successfully developed high performing teams demonstrating passion for the customers they serve. The legal industry has recognized her collaborative approach, influence, ability to design and execute strategies and commitment to diversity and inclusion. Lucie also serves on the board of BARBRI Inc and BARBRI Global Limited.

Lucie previously served as Vice President to the Global Large Law segment at Thomson Reuters leading the global commercial team.

Lucie is responsible for all aspects of the International business at BARBRI and is an active voice across the rapidly evolving legal education landscape.

In addition, Lucie serves on the board of London South East Colleges Group and is a Director of She Breaks the Law, a global community for women in the legal space. Lucie lives in London with her partner and two young children. She enjoys walking, yoga, swimming and travel.

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