Leave The Heavy Lifting To Us | Expert Bar Exam Study Tips

by Stephanie Goetz,
BARBRI Director of Publishing and Online Course Creation


Throughout the year, the BARBRI learning and innovation team that I’m a part of adapts and enhances the BARBRI bar review course. We track the trends of what’s been tested and the frequency. We pay close attention to the latest exam updates that range from scaled scoring changes to the ongoing adoption of the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) in more states and jurisdictions. We rely on our bar review history in combination with the latest advancements in learning science to develop new innovations for a “study smarter, not harder” methodology that eliminates some stress during the intense bar prep time-frame.

We diligently analyze every bar exam in the country. We also commission our most discerning BARBRI subject matter experts to carefully critique BARBRI Bar Review substantive content to make sure it’s comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date. And we remain keenly aware of trends and current issues.

During BARBRI Bar Review, everything assigned in your online Personal Study Plan (or “PSP”) is carefully curated by an engine we call ISAAC, your Intuitive Study Assistant And Coach. ISAAC combines proprietary algorithms with our 50+ years of bar exam data and expertise to drive your BARBRI course. ISAAC keeps you on track, effectively scaffolding your knowledge and skills. It’s meant to motivate and keep you accountable.

ISAAC and the PSP incorporates learning science and the latest learning technology to best prepare students for their state bar exam. It also provides information each individual student needs to know in real time regarding personal strengths and weaknesses in understanding the law.

Ultimately, you benefit from the confidence of knowing you can keep moving forward during bar preparation without worrying about creating a schedule or wondering if you are doing enough of various types of assignments. Do the work, one assignment and one day at a time. Follow your adaptive BARBRI Personal Study Plan. It knows what you need to focus on most to improve your weaker areas. You don’t have to waste one ounce of energy thinking about whether or not you’re studying the right subject areas, at the right time, and in the proper sequence.

You feel empowered to lean in, learn the law and how to apply it. While you lean in and trust the process, you can leave the heavy lifting to us.


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