Mexico lawyer passes the California Bar Exam, con facilidad

Pamela Rajunov Djaddah and Mexico City

[ by Pamela Rajunov Djaddah, Esq. /  Business Law Attorney ]

Estudié Derecho en México ― que es un sistema de derecho civil ― y a pesar de eso, los materiales proporcionados por BARBRI hicieron fácil que aprendiera lo suficiente para poder pasar el examen de la Barra de California. Estudié a distancia, leí los materiales y escuché las clases en línea y ahora soy una abogada que puede ejercer derecho en dos jurisdicciones ― México y California ― trabajando en un despacho de abogados en California. Asimismo, el personal de BARBRI respondió todas las preguntas y dudas a mi entera satisfacción.

The simple translation is this: I passed the California Bar Exam with ease (con facilidad) with BARBRI by my side. 

I am Pamela Rajunov Djaddah, Esq., and I am a dual-licensed attorney in Mexico and in California in the United States. I earned my civil law degree in Mexico City and my LL.M. in international business from Tilburg University in The Netherlands. I have worked for nearly a decade with corporate clients on matters including real estate acquisitions, M&As, contracts and private equity. 

I was with a major law firm when I first considered sitting for a U.S. bar exam. I liked my work, but the hours were long, and I was ready to explore my career options. A friend suggested I look into a U.S. state bar examination. I knew I did not want to live in New York City (it’s too cold), so I decided to pursue the California Bar Exam. I investigated foreign qualifications in California, how to become a lawyer in California and bar preparation courses. BARBRI stood out as one of the best. 

I found the course information available on the BARBRI website to be friendly and easy to understand. There were flexible course options that made studying as a full-time working attorney very manageable. I began studying remotely using the BARBRI Extended U.S. Bar Prep course. The online lectures were so well-prepared; the materials were quite clear and offered plenty of explanations and real-world examples.

Ultimate personalization and support

Coming from a civil law jurisdiction in Mexico, I was drawn to the teachings of the common law legal system. BARBRI made learning interesting and preparing for the exam bullet proof. 

When I was ready to sit the exam, BARBRI was quick to reach out to me to ensure I had what I needed to get there. I felt 100% supported by the BARBRI Extended U.S. Bar Prep team. They seemed genuinely committed to making my U.S. bar experience happen.

San Diego View

Now I am a cross-border attorney, licensed to practice law in California and Mexico. I live and work in San Diego, California with a focus on business law. I have American clients who want to invest in Mexico and vice versa. With my dual licensure, I am able to counsel them on the best way to go about completing cross-border transactions. I also handle probate law cases for clients in both countries.

My advice for other Latin American lawyers considering expanding their career in the American legal system by sitting a U.S. bar exam and becoming an international lawyer: you should, and you should study with BARBRI! It is truly a great asset and you can work with both legal systems. Many clients want an attorney who can bring dual knowledge and dual languages to the table. You will add real value to your firm or organization.

If you are a foreign law graduate or lawyer, you may already be eligible to sit for a U.S. state bar exam. Learn more about U.S. bar exam eligibility and requirements here.

Ready to begin studying? Check out BARBRI bar prep course options.

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