BARBRI announces collaboration with Asia Bar Review

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Global legal training provider, BARBRI is collaborating with legal educators, Asia Bar Review (ABR), to deliver Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE) Prep courses from January 2021 to support those in the Hong Kong market looking to qualify as a lawyer in England and Wales.

The collaboration between BARBRI and ABR stems from an established partnership from the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme (QLTS) to the U.S. Bar Prep. The two organisations boast a shared ambition to ensure innovative and engaging legal education and training, which is accessible to anyone wishing to progress in a legal career. Now, students and alumni of ABR looking to cross qualify will be eligible to register for the SQE Prep courses, which will start in the new year.

The SQE will replace the current GDL and LPC examinations from September 2021, with the inaugural cohort due to sit the examination in November. The SQE will be examined across two modules; SQE1 and SQE2, through multiple choice questions and practical assessments. BARBRI’s SQE prep courses will cover each module individually, ensuring students feel confident in taking the new examination and have the right tools and knowledge to progress their legal careers.

Stephanie Chan, founder of Asia Bar Review commented: “Our collaboration with BARBRI has gone from strength to strength and we are so pleased to announce SQE prep courses will be available to our law students and alumni in the new year. Prep courses allow for a better understanding ahead of taking the official examinations, and ultimately builds confidence in each individual whilst helping them prepare for the legal profession once qualified. This is an exciting time, and we look forward to delivering the prep courses shortly.”

Students and alumni of ABR will be eligible to an exclusive discounted rate for the inaugural 40-week SQE1 Prep course launching in January 2021 for a limited time. Individuals will be notified of the discount by ABR upon registering.

Robert Dudley, deputy managing director at BARBRI said: “We are delighted to announce our collaboration with Asia Bar Review to deliver our SQE Prep courses to the Hong Kong and Taiwan markets from January 2021. Much like the SQE itself, our courses are designed with individuals in mind. At BARBRI, we offer an innovative learning model, flexibility and a more cost-effective approach in comparison to the LPC and GDL examinations which we now know from research from Hook Tangaza can be 25-50% more expensive for self-funded students. We look forward to offering the courses with ABR and seeing our professional relationship flourish.”

BARBRI’s innovative testing and learning technologies are designed to provide future solicitors with the best opportunity to succeed.  It offers a range of pathways to prepare aspiring solicitors to successfully complete the SQE1 and SQE2.

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