BARBRI launch event series to support candidates beyond the SQE

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BARBRI launch SQE Insights event series

Global legal education provider, BARBRI, has launched a series of events to keep aspiring solicitors up to date with key legal industry trends and developments.

Officially launched in September 2022, the SQE Insights series has been designed to broaden candidate knowledge beyond the SQE. Delivered by a range of industry experts to cover topics including Legal Technology, Legal Operations, skills for lawyers of the future and beyond, the events will build fundamental knowledge around industry trends and developments across the profession, as well as the skills needed to futureproof legal careers. 

Speaking of the events, Jody Tranter, Senior Director of Learning for BARBRI explains: “The route to qualification has changed for aspiring solicitors in England and Wales and through our preparatory courses, we’re working to help our candidates prepare for the SQE with confidence. Yet, we also believe it’s important to support their development within the industry beyond the exam process, which is why we chose to introduce the SQE Insights series this year.

“As well as sharing insights from across the legal sector – including in-house and corporate trends – to help students better understand the different skillsets required across different parts of the industry, we are also showcasing LawTech and its growing importance for legal professionals of the future. Across various events over the next few months, we’re demonstrating how technology is used in today’s practice so that aspiring lawyers can confidently talk around this in interview scenarios and prepare for this essential element as they take their next steps.:

Over 150 individuals were registered for the September and October events, many of which are/were BARBRI SQE1 Prep candidates.

Jody Tranter continued: “We know that the industry is evolving and what’s required of solicitors today is too. The SQE was introduced to help diversity the profession, which means opening doors to enable students to follow new career pathways and innovative new roles. Newer roles such as Legal Technologists, Legal Operatives, and more, all require candidates to think differently and take on varied roles that encompass a spectrum of skills such as problem solving, designing thinking, data analysis and beyond. As these positions grow within law firms, it’s vital that the next generation of aspiring lawyers have an awareness of the opportunities and pathways available to them, while also staying at the forefront of ongoing industry conversations.

“Our aim is that our SQE Insights events help with this. We have an exciting calendar of events scheduled for the remainder of 2022, with more to come in 2023.”

Nick Cranfield, Chief Legal Officer at Therme Group “I’m very happy to support BARBRI’s SQE Insights event series and delivered my event in December which delved into Legal Operations. The key focus of my event was to provide aspiring legal professionals with an understanding of how legal operations is transforming the delivery of legal services both in-house and in private practice. Understanding these changes will enable BARBRI’s candidates to actively engage with them and secure their future success.”

“It’s an exciting time to be entering the legal profession. It has a rich and long history, but change is happening and will continue at pace to meet the dynamic needs of clients in an uncertain and volatile word. Nurturing curiosity and developing deeper industry knowledge and insight beyond that required for the SQE assessments is critical for future success.”

For more information about upcoming SQE Insights events and to secure your place, please visit:    

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