How BARBRI helped me pass the Massachusetts Bar Exam


[ Makenzie Way, 2020 Law Graduate at the University of Pennsylvania ]


The bar exam is always stressful, but this year even more so. I began studying for the Massachusetts Bar Exam amidst a global pandemic with no true idea what my future held for me. Registering for the bar exam proved a difficult feat as states changed their admission criteria, canceled exams, changed dates, and for some, shifted to an online examination.

It goes without saying that my emotions were on a roller coaster throughout the entire process. I was scared, stressed, and confused about what would happen with the examination and my job. The one thing I wasn’t worried about was being prepared when the test rolled around, and for that I have BARBRI to thank. 

The combination of lectures, assignments, additional practice questions and outlines ensured that I had access to ALL the necessary information I could possibly need to ace the bar exam – emphasis on all because BARBRI covers way more than you really need to know. Due in large part to BARBRI’s stellar teaching and scheduling, I clicked ‘start’ on my bar examination feeling confident and prepared … well, as confident as you can be when you’re about to take the most important test of your professional life. 

But BARBRI did more than just prepare me intellectually to pass the bar exam this year. They also did a superb job of supporting my mental health needs. While not a formal requirement for a bar prep program, BARBRI took it upon themselves to keep students – myself included – informed about the impacts that COVID was having on the bar exam. As a result, I never felt alone. That support inadvertently played a huge role in ensuring that I was able to continue dedicating the necessary time and energy to studying. Throughout it all, BARBRI treated me like I was their top priority even though I had already paid in full for my course. 

It goes without saying that I couldn’t be happier with my decision to study with BARBRI, and I doubt it’s the last time either *wink wink*

I knew I had a free retake with BARBRI if I needed it

As one of my favorite teachers used to say, don’t let one bad grade (or in this case, test result) hold you back from the rest of your life. Another thing that gave me confidence was the idea of having a free retake with BARBRI should I need it. BARBRI is here to help you achieve success your next time around. Not only do you get to retain access to your BARBRI materials free of charge as you study for the next exam, BARBRI representatives are also available to talk to you about how you can achieve a successful result. 

The bar exam is notoriously tricky and graded on a curve. If you find that you need to retake the bar exam, don’t let this one score divert you from your goal of becoming a licensed attorney. Remember, you’ve already accomplished SO much! While the bar exam is necessary, failing it is not an indicator that you can’t, or won’t be an attorney. 

As you begin the studying process again, take some time to consider what topics you felt most iffy about, what areas of the studying program didn’t work best for you, and how you might change your tactics to make the program more customized to your needs. Remember, the BARBRI course is a template designed to fit most people, but you can and should tweak it to fit your specific needs. 

What’s next? Maybe a dual international qualification

If you’re considering practicing abroad in the future, or want to really stand out to employers, reach out to a representative to see how BARBRI can assist you. I’ve always been interested in becoming a qualified barrister in England and Wales, and I was pleasantly surprised to hear that BARBRI offers courses to prepare you for the QLTS or the SQE.

A final note … 

I want to thank you all for taking the time to read my blogs and follow me on social media these last three years. It’s been a crazy adventure, but I’m happy I got to share it all with you! 

Good luck with wherever your careers take you, I know you’ll go far! 

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