By Mike Sims, BARBRI President

The short answer is that you’ll have access to over 2,000 MBE practice questions, and an MBE final prep comprised of 100 “real” MBE questions recently released by the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE), during your BARBRI Bar Review course. Working practice questions is very important. Now add a big asterisk because, as with many things, it’s not just the quantity that matters. The methodology and approach is critical to your MBE success.

The specific questions you answer, the order in which you answer them and the way you approach each question is so important that we have another entire blog dedicated to this topic if you’d like to geek out.

When it comes to real released MBE questions, BARBRI has released questions – but, as a general rule, we don’t recommend you focus on released questions.

Since only about 80 questions per subject have been released in the past 10 years, they don’t provide a comprehensive representation of the questions that are most likely to actually appear on a future exam. Also, questions that have been released by the examiners will not appear in any future MBE. That’s why they were released.

That being said, the experts at BARBRI have carefully selected a subset of 100 of the most recent released questions to create an MBE final prep that is included in BARBRI Bar Review and presented through your Personal Study Plan (PSP).

These specific questions best align to areas of the law that are most likely to be tested on the MBE so you continue to focus on the areas that matter most while being exposed to “real” MBE questions. Best of all, every MBE final prep question will include an explanatory answer – which the bar examiners don’t always provide – created by BARBRI experts to help you understand why answer options were correct or incorrect, so that you can continue to progress on BARBRI’s MBE success learning path.

If you ever see offers to work “thousands” of real, released MBE questions, we advise you not to waste your precious time or money. 

Many of those questions are not representative of what is actually tested on a future exam and are likely very old. Focusing too heavily on “real” released MBE questions is one way some bar preppers misuse limited study time.

BARBRI is the only course that has helped students pass the MBE since its inception in 1972, and we’ve learned that, even though a topic CAN be tested, it doesn’t mean that it is likely to actually be tested. Some topics are tested all of the time and others not as often.

BARBRI’s MBE success learning path, which is driven by an engine we call ISAAC, and built into assignments presented in your PSP, accelerates your learning by incrementally building your knowledge and skills and maximizes your study time by focusing questions on areas of the law that you’ll most likely see on the exam. The MBE practice questions that you’ll work in BARBRI Bar Review, including the specially selected “real” released MBE questions, have been curated by BARBRI subject matter experts and have been approved by experts in those subjects.

BARBRI’s MBE success learning path, combined with knowing where you are on the bar exam curve before you sit the actual MBE exam, are core to helping you study smarter, not harder, and are just a couple of the reasons BARBRI continues to be the #1, most successful bar review course.