How many multiple-choice MBE practice questions come with BARBRI? Are they real MBE questions?

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ISAAC curates and assigns multiple-choice practice questions from a 2,500+ question bank. (Note: ISAAC is the engine that runs your BARBRI bar prep course and creates your Personal Study Plan or PSP).

In addition to multiple-choice questions ISAAC curates, you also have access to a 3000+ multiple-choice question BARBRI MCQ Bank. The MCQ Bank provides extra practice in areas in which you feel a little less confident. 

When it comes to “real” MBE questions released by the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE), most BARBRI bar prep options include a MBE final prep comprised of 100 “real” MBE questions. Plus, select options also include supplemental access to BARBRI Multistate Edge, a supplemental question bank containing 1200+ multiple-choice MBE questions released by the NCBE. 

Working multiple-choice MBE practice questions is critical*

*Now for the asterisk. Quantity is not the only thing that matters. In fact, it’s not even the most important factor. The order, approach, and specific bar exam practice questions you answer is more important than hitting a certain number of questions.

That’s why, early in your course, ISAAC uses proprietary methodology and algorithms to curate multiple-choice question sets to first build a strong foundation and framework. As you get deeper into your studies, ISAAC assigns more difficult questions as well as mixed-subject question sets, layering in more difficult questions testing finer points.

We actually have another entire blog dedicated to the secret of MBE success if you want to go deeper into this important topic.

When it comes to “real” MBE questions, proceed with caution

While helping more than 1.3 million attorneys pass the bar over 50+ years, we’ve learned that even though a topic can be tested on the bar exam, it doesn’t mean it’s likely to be tested. Some topics are tested all of the time and others are tested infrequently.

It’s important to work MBE practice questions that focus on the areas of law that will get you the most points on the bar exam.

Only about 80 MBE questions per subject have been released by the NCBE in the past 10 years. Released MBE questions don’t represent all of the questions and areas of law that could appear on a future exam. Also, questions that have been released by the NCBE will not appear in any future MBE. That’s why they were released.

Get more points on the bar exam with BARBRI 

ISAAC focuses on areas of the law that you’re most likely to encounter on the bar exam. This helps BARBRI students score up to 25 more points on average compared to students who use any and every other bar prep course.

The multiple-choice practice questions ISAAC assigns have been created and curated for maximum benefit. They provide exposure to realistic MBE questions while making sure that you are learning things that will increase your future bar exam score. ISAAC also uses spaced repetition and interleaves practice between subjects, two strategies that are scientifically shown to maximize learning and retention.

Additionally, all multiple-choice questions you encounter include explanatory answers written by BARBRI subject matter experts. Reviewing expert explanatory answers helps you understand why answer options are correct or incorrect. This is another key strategy to learning and building knowledge from each multiple-choice practice question.

This entire process is scientifically shown to boost learning and retention and, ultimately, pass the bar exam.

Still wondering if BARBRI is actually the best bar prep? Keep reading here. Or, go ahead and check out BARBRI bar prep courses here.

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