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Why choose BARBRI?

We've been building a global reputation as the most experienced, innovative and effective provider of legal exam preparation for over 50 years. Now that expertise and innovation is available to any and all looking to qualify as a solicitor in England and Wales.

As we've proven with the QLTS, we're pushing the boundary on legal education and we're proud of our long-standing heritage as a global leader for exam preparation.

BARBRI SQE Prep in numbers

Studied with BARBRI

300+ students of the 1090 who sat the SQE1 in November 2021 exam studied with BARBRI

239 students of the 726 who sat SQE2 in April 2022 studied with BARBRI

Pass rate

77% of the 300+ students reported passing the SQE1, compared to the 53% average

83% of the 239 students reported passing the SQE2, compared to the 77% average

BARBRI guarantee

A further 11% of BARBRI students passed one of the two SQE1 exams and are resitting the next exam with their BARBRI Guarantee


83% of students reported they were happy with the number of workshops provided

Personal Study Plan

Our PSP was rated 4.6/5


74% of those who reported passing SQE1 with us progressed straight to SQE2 Prep

83% of those who sat the SQE2 with us reported passing

BARBRI courses

Maximum flexibility

Multiple flexible course durations lead into the scheduled exams. You can fit the course around your life and study whenever and wherever you want.

Personalised Learning

ISAAC (Intuitive Study Assistant and Coach) facilitates your BARBRI SQE Prep course and gives it flexibility and a personal touch that matches your individual learning pace.

1:1 Learning Coaches help you succeed

You will be assigned a personal Learning Coach, a qualified solicitor who will be mentoring you throughout your course.

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Our Faculty

Our team of learning coaches and tutors are what make our online courses unique. BARBRI SQE Prep has an excellent faculty in exam preparation, consisting of experienced English solicitors and barristers who expertly guide you through your studies.

We understand that our students have limited time to study but we also know that they are serious about their exam preparation and career. That's why we offer our students a team of highly qualified academic tutors who will help them master the content they need to pass the SQE.

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Our Partners

At BARBRI we believe that a commitment to innovation, and the disruptive influence of the SQE are the keys to success in today's changing legal industry. That's why we're partnering with law firms, ALSP's and universities who are equally passionate about creating a more inclusive and diverse profession.

We are proud to work with a range of organisations who share our vision for developing the future of the legal industry. Get in touch to discover more about how we work with our partners and how you can get involved.

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BARBRI Bridges

At BARBRI we believe that everybody should have the opportunity to access quality legal education. That's why we created our funding initiative BARBRI Bridges. As part of this work we have partnered with organisations like Breaking Barriers, The City of London Law Society, and others who share our values and commitment to creating a profession that is more representative of today’s society.

Our goal is to provide funding for those who need it most—those from underrepresented groups in society who would otherwise struggle to afford tuition fees or other costs associated with studying law. With the help of our partners, we aim to increase diversity within the legal profession by supporting aspiring lawyers from all backgrounds and enabling them to fulfil their potential.

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BARBRI Shortlisted for the National Paralegal Awards 2022

We are proud to announce that BARBRI has been shortlisted in the 'Best Legal Profession Supplier' category of the National Paralegal Awards 2022.

This has been the result of the SQE-focused paralegal partnerships and its commitment to improving diversity across the profession through the introduction and development of the BARBRI Bridges funding initiative, pledging over £120,000 to the legal profession so far.

Many of our current SQE students are paralegals who have had more opportunities open up to them since the introduction of the SQE. We aim to continue supporting them as they pave the way in the industry by further developing and qualifying via this new route.

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Why students choose BARBRI

"BARBRI’s advantage comes from the years of experience that goes into crafting a comprehensive curriculum. I had materials that helped me focus my attention to critical areas. Most importantly, I never felt lost at any point of the process."

Juan Ramos

"BARBRI told me exactly what I needed to do each day to make sure that I would be successful."

Shayna Petrella

"The BARBRI Personal Study Plan allowed me to stay on track with my studies. It also gave me a lot of confidence that I was working hard and doing as much as I could possibly do each day."

Kylie Huffman

"Our employees who are studying your SQE course are all, without exception, really enjoying the course and really like the way it is delivered."

Law Firm Training Co-ordinator

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