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Why choose BARBRI?

For more than 50 years, we’ve been building a global reputation for our experienced, innovative and effective approach to legal exam prep courses. Now that expertise and innovation is available to those looking to qualify as a solicitor in England and Wales. 

We're pushing the boundary on legal education by offering online SQE Prep courses that fit all types of learners, from those who want to get qualified or dual qualified as soon as possible to those who need more flexibility while they prepare. And the results are real. Our SQE pass rates significantly exceed the national average.

BARBRI SQE Prep in numbers

Studied with BARBRI

300+ students of the 1,090 who sat the SQE1 in November 2021 exam studied with BARBRI

239 students of the 726 who sat SQE2 in April 2022 studied with BARBRI

SQE pass rates

77% of the 300+ students reported passing the SQE1, compared to the 53% average

83% of the 239 students reported passing the SQE2, compared to the 77% average

QWE Kickstart

We’ve partnered with The SQuarE Route to offer BARBRI students the opportunity to secure a quality and career-enhancing 6-month period of Qualifying Work Experience (QWE) at top law firms and corporations. Find out more here.


83% of students reported they were happy with the number of workshops provided

Personal Study Plan

Our PSP was rated 4.6/5


74% of those who reported passing SQE1 with us progressed straight to SQE2 Prep

83% of those who sat the SQE2 with us reported passing

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About the exam

The exam combines mixed subject questions and multiple-choice formats

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Why choose the SQE?

The SQE is the new standard for qualifying as a solicitor in England and Wales

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Funding your SQE studies

Funding options are available, including SQE scholarships and loans

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Our partners

Partnerships with firms, charities and universities are making legal careers a possibility for all

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BARBRI Bridges

Our funding initiative supports aspiring lawyers by enhancing diversity and inclusion

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Careers & employability

Helping you make informed decisions about how to best progress your career

Learn more about qualifying as a solicitor with the SQE

Law graduates

Take the next step on your path to qualification

Non-law graduates

Take the SQE without a legal background

Legal professionals

Make the SQE the next step in your career

Overseas lawyers

Expand your horizons with dual qualification

BARBRI courses

Maximum flexibility

Choose from multiple flexible course durations of 10, 20 or 40 weeks depending on your needs, which lead to the scheduled exams. Flexible learning means that you can fit the course around your life and study whenever you want. It also means that you can spread the exam and preparation course fees over a longer time period, adapting the costs to your budget.

Personalised Learning

Access all course materials online and use innovative technology that goes at your pace to focus on the areas that challenge you most. You will study more efficiently and waste less time studying things you already know.

1:1 Learning Coaches help you succeed

You will also be assigned a personal Learning Coach, a qualified solicitor who will be mentoring you one-on-one throughout your course.

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Read our SQE Prep Prospectus to discover key information about the Solicitors Qualifying Exam and BARBRI.

Upcoming Webinars

View our on-demand webinars about a range of topics, from career options to the Solicitors Qualifying Exam.

BARBRI shortlisted for the National Paralegal Awards 2022

We are proud to announce that BARBRI has been shortlisted in the 'Best Legal Profession Supplier' category of the National Paralegal Awards 2022.

This achievement recognises SQE-focused paralegal partnerships and our commitment to improving diversity across the profession through the introduction and development of the BARBRI Bridges funding initiative, pledging over £120,000 to the legal profession so far.

Many of our current SQE students are paralegals who have had more opportunities for career growth available to them since the introduction of the SQE. We aim to continue supporting them as they pave the way in the industry by further developing and qualifying via this new route.

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