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A student support hub designed with you and the SQE in mind

At BARBRI we have worked hard to create a supportive and encouraging student support community.

If you choose to undertake your SQE Prep course with us, we’re confident that we can deliver everything you need to lead you to qualification success and help you progress your career in the legal industry. We do appreciate however, that your learning experience should be about more than just the course itself, and you may need a little additional support along the way to help you reach your goals.

As BARBRI alumni, you’ll have access to a variety of services ranging from financial support, IT support, disability funding, SQE Scholarships and much more.


BARBRI SQE Prep student services

Diversity & Inclusion

As a global training provider with alumni across the world, we are firm believers that everyone is entitled to an inclusive learning experience free from any form of discrimination. If you experience discrimination of any type whilst studying with BARBRI, reach out to your Learning Coach so that this can be investigated and resolved swiftly.

Financial Support 

We understand that progressing your career can be a financial burden, but there is financial help available to support you with tuition fees.


As a student in the UK, you’ll have access to a number of healthcare services from the National Health Service (NHS) and other independent providers. The NHS is state-funded, providing free medical and healthcare services to everyone living in the UK as well as EEA nationals. However, from 6 April 2015, non-EEA nationals will need to pay a health surcharge when applying for a VISA to stay in the UK for over six months, unless exempt.

IT Support

The majority of the BARBRI SQE Prep course content is delivered online and as an alumnus, you’ll be utilising our exclusive IT learning and delivery systems. Details of how you’ll be using these systems will be outlined in your SQE Welcome Handbook.

Disability Support & Funding

If you have a disability, learning difficulty or health condition, we’ll work with you to ensure you get tailored support and accommodate your needs to the best of our abilities during your studies. All you have to do is tell us what you need. Please complete our Student Support Form to help us identify the nature of your need and how we can best assist you, or if your disability arises after you’ve enrolled, please update us by emailing

As well as learning provisions, there may be funding available to support your needs from everyday living to personal or medical care.

Please note, we can only provide support for the SQE training course. The assessments are run by Kaplan and any adjustments or support needed will need to applied for separately.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

We appreciate the importance of mental health and wellbeing at all times, but even more so when you’re under pressure or developing new skills. If you’re experiencing difficulties or feel as though your wellbeing has been impacted, BARBRI has dedicated mental health first aiders who can assist, and we've partnered with LawCare to help our students and alumni access free and confidential support.

Find out more about our mental health and wellbeing support here.

Academic English

The SRA hasn’t outlined any formal English language requirements for the SQE but a 7.5 IELTS score is recommended. After all, our SQE Prep courses have been developed on the assumption that all students have this requisite level of English as the SQE requires you have a high level of written, oral and aural capabilities in the English language.

This may be just a short overview of the support you will have access to while undertaking the BARBRI SQE Prep course, but we hope you get the gist of what our student support services are all about.

To find out more, speak to our team today.

Have any questions about specific support or the SQE?

Unsure about any of the above or are you looking for some additional information around the SQE?

If you’re an existing BARBRI student, please reach out to your assigned Learning Coach.

Alternatively, if you’re not a current student and are looking to study with BARBRI, please contact us today.


Making a complaint

We hope that you have a successful, reliable and innovative learning experience with BARBRI SQE Prep. However, we take complaints extremely seriously and will treat all issues with the highest level of confidentiality and respect.

Our detailed complaints procedure and the form are available at this link and the form should be emailed to

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Student Support Partners

LawCare is the mental wellbeing charity for the legal profession. We offer free, confidential, emotional support, peer support, and resources to those working in the law in the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man. We promote mental health and wellbeing best practice in legal workplaces and drive culture change in education, training and practice.

Our support service offers a safe place to talk without judgement to trained staff and volunteers who have first-hand experience of working in the law.

If you need support contact go to to access online chat and other resources. We understand life in the law.

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