Other UK professional qualifications

Other UK professional qualifications

See other personal, practical and professional legal training options with BARBRI Altior

Professional Skills Course

While the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) will eventually replace the Professional Skills Course (PSC) and the Legal Practice Course (LPC), many students still choose this route to becoming solicitors in England and Wales. The PSC is intended to build on the foundations laid by the Legal Practice Course (LPC) and helps provide formal instruction in matters that are generally better studied after trainee solicitors have had some exposure to legal practice.

Higher Rights of Audience accreditation

This supplementary, beneficial four-day training course covers various essential aspects of Crown Court and High Court preparation and advocacy. It is designed to guide you through the assessment process and help you stand in good stead for life as an advocate in the higher courts.

Trainee Litigation Programme

This course is designed to offer trainee solicitors first-hand experience of the litigation process and overcome any difficulties faced in satisfying the contentious element of the training contract. Our Trainee Litigation Programme will expose learners, through a variety of activities, to all the contentious practice skills standards stipulated by the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority (SRA) as being a requirement of the period of recognised training.

Continued professional development training

BARBRI Alitor provides a wide range of courses to help lawyers maintain competence appropriate to their professional responsibilities and personal career goals. These legal continuing professional development (CPD) solutions involve training methods that include tutor-led presentations, free-associated thinking, discussions, group work, case studies and more. Choose from public and in-house deliveries as full-day courses or two half-day sessions.

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