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From SQE events to careers and employability, our events provide you with the perfect opportunity to learn more about SQE1 and SQE2, learn more from professionals in the industry and discuss current trends.

Upcoming Events and Webinars

Legal Jobs Market with Taylor Root

A webinar with top legal recruitment agency, Taylor Root, to discuss top tips for the current legal job market and routes available for aspiring solicitors.

17 July 2024, 14:00 – 15:00pm BST

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Upcoming Instagram lives with Holly (@thatlawblog)

  • Monday 29 July – Related upcoming course enrolments: SQE1 20-week (course start 26 August)
  • Monday 19 August – Related upcoming course enrolments: SQE1 20-week (course starts: 26 August) and SQE2 20-week (course starts: 2 September)
  • Monday 16 September – Related upcoming course enrolments: SQE1 40-week (course starts 30 Sept)
  • Monday 21 October – Related upcoming course enrolments: SQE2 20-week (course starts 11 November 2024)
  • Monday 18 November - Related upcoming course enrolments: SQE1 20-week (course starts Feb 2025)
  • Monday 16 December - Related upcoming course enrolments: SQE1 20-week (course starts Feb 2025)

Upcoming International Events and Webinars

Industry Insight Series: Legal Life Skills

Join Rob Dudley and author of Get into Law, Meera Patel as part of the BARBRI Industry Insight Series. The session is designed to help aspiring solicitors with top tips in personal development and wellbeing for the legal profession.

19 Aug 2024, 1:00 – 2:00pm BST

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Watch Our On-Demand Webinar Recordings

On-demand webinars for students

Our on-demand webinars cover a wide range of topics, including information on the SQE Prep courses and careers and employability advice. These sessions offer essential guidance for aspiring solicitors, legal professionals, and anyone looking to enhance their legal career, ensuring you're well-prepared for the SQE and equipped for a successful legal career.

Some of these events include:

  • Scholarships and funding
  • SQE v LPC: Which route should I choose?
  • Resilience and stress management

BARBRI Industry Insights: Webinars about legal careers

As a law tech global leader, we have over five decades of experience advocating and future-proofing digital-savvy talent into the profession.

We have a programme of events called SQE Industry Insights. These sessions are for those interested in learning more about the latest legal industry trends. The session are led by industry experts who explore the impact and implication of current legal professional developments.

Some of these events include:

  • Mastering hybrid working as a legal trainee
  • Robots vs lawyers: How tech is shaping the legal industry
  • Mindful Business Charter: How to manage work-life balance

On demand webinars for firms, faculties and companies

We help law firms, organisations and university faculties to understand the practicalities around their transition to the SQE.

Some of these events include:

  • Integrating legal education through apprenticeships
  • Insights and experiences following the recent SQE exams

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