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BARBRI bar prep tutoring gives you extra reassurance

Whether going through bar prep the first time, repeating the exam or perhaps taking a second bar in a different state, private BARBRI bar prep tutoring is available to all graduating law school students enrolled in BARBRI Bar Review in all states. Time spent 1:1 with a dedicated BARBRI bar exam tutor leads to the best results. Together, you’ll more deeply diagnose your bar study skills and habits, identify your strong suits and, most importantly, work to overcome areas in need of improvement.

BARBRI bar prep tutors are intimately familiar with BARBRI, as well as the bar exam itself, and can relate to what you are experiencing, thinking and feeling. This exact understanding of the bar study process gives our tutors the ability to analyze where you are at and determine what will work best for you moving forward.

A BARBRI Bar Review tutor will:

  • Work with you one-on-one to improve essay writing, and Multistate and performance test techniques
  • Enhance your knowledge of the substantive law
  • Review practice questions
  • Help you keep to a study schedule and be your “personal trainer” during the rigorous process of studying for the bar exam

Bluebook Evaluation: $350

A Bluebook Evaluation includes personalized feedback on all essays and performance tests. BARBRI tutors will review your entire written exam and provide feedback on your issue spotting, accuracy of rule statements, level of analysis, and your ability to effectively organize your essays and performance tests using IRAC. Tutors have been trained to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses, and provide personal attention based on your bar exam answers.

The Bluebook Evaluation price includes over two hours of preparation by the attorney-tutor for the appointment plus one hour in person or by phone with the student.

Private Tutoring

Individual Session 1, 1 hour session $350
Silver Package 5, 1 hour sessions $1,500 (a $250 savings)
Gold Package 10, 1 hour sessions $2,500 (a $1,000 savings)
Platinum Package 15, 1 hour sessions $3,375 (a $1,875 savings)

The private tutoring price includes preparation completed by the attorney-tutor for the appointment. BARBRI will select the best tutor for your needs. You will work with your tutor to arrange specific meeting times and logistics.

The number of sessions you need depends on what you want to focus on with your tutor. For help either on the Multistate, or on the essays and performance test, we suggest you sign up for five sessions. For help on all components of the bar exam including Multistate, essays and performance test, we suggest 10 sessions. If you are an LL.M. student, or if there are several bar subjects which you did not take in law school, we suggest 15 sessions.

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