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If you’re considering taking the SQE, we understand that you’ll have one eye on the SQE1 and SQE2 exams, your prep courses and Qualifying Work Experience; and the other on your end goal - landing a job in the legal industry. So how do you get there?

BARBRI has helped over 1.3 million lawyers across the world pass the U.S. bar exam over the past 50+ years. Our alumni are successfully employed at companies and law firms throughout the United States and around the world — reputable organisations and industry leaders like Ernst & Young, Deutsche Bank, PWC, Facebook, Google, Clifford Chance, Baker & McKenzie, and White and Case. Our alumni also work in diverse international legal positions such as the European Legal Parliament and the International Criminal Court.

We appreciate that the learning experience should be about more than just exam preparation but should also offer a holistic approach to help you hone important career skills to progress your legal career after SQE.

The BARBRI SQE Prep course is designed with employability in mind, so let us help you take that crucial next step in your career.

BARBRI careers services

Monthly business skills workshops

We will help you to develop essential skills including networking and personal branding, organisation and time management, commercial awareness, communication skills and much more, all delivered by the BARBRI team. Find out more.

1-2-1 fortnightly career clinic

Delivered either face-to-face or virtually, these 30-minute sessions will focus on supporting you with applications, CV writing and interview skills, amongst other things, to support your employability.

Career Webinars

Every month we will be bringing you a virtual, interactive half-day workshop to help you focus on those all-important personal skills including business development, networking and beyond. Check out the upcoming videos in the SQE Careers series here.

Law events

We will always keep you up to do with the latest law fairs, networking events, student events, industry talks and so much more, all delivered to your inbox.


We have partnered with industry leaders in the news and career sectorincluding Legal Cheek, Flex Legal, CheekyLittleCareers, Global Lawyers Connect and LittleLaw to help you further your legal training and access only the most relevant education conferences. 

BARBRI Job Network

We have built a rich network of international legal employers who are interested in recruiting talent from law schools to help you find your dream job in the legal sector. You’ll be able to build your profile and access the latest opportunities. We will be launching this soon.

Being better prepared starts today

Well informed is well-armed. So be sure you have the most updated information about the exam that will shape your future legal career. Information from the leader in this exact type of legal testing; BARBRI.

To make it easy, BARBRI will deliver that information direct to your inbox. Just sign up.

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