SQE1 Boost

Helping you sit the SQE1 July 2024 exam with confidence

What is the SQE1 Boost?

SQE1 Boost is designed to give students extensive practice with multiple choice questions (MCQs), helping to build familiarity and confidence with this type of assessment in the months leading up to your SQE1 exam.

Students are provided with access to their own Personal Study Plan (PSP), with a bank of c. 2,000 practice questions across FLK1 and FLK2, include a mock exam for each FLK. The PSP provides the questions by practice area across all 16 subjects and gives you a score report on completion of each set of questions.

The SQE1 Boost is an additional study aid for students who are planning to sit an SQE1 assessment soon, and who are:

  • not enrolled in the full BARBRI SQE1 Prep course, or
  • self-studying with lots of practice experience, or
  • preparing for SQE1 with another provider


Please note, for students with limited or no practice experience, we would strongly recommend a full BARBRI SQE1 Prep course, which includes multiple choice questions as one of the study elements.

Enrol in SQE1 Boost

SQE1 Boost (Self-funding)

Enrolments are now open until 15 July 2024.

Course cost: £499

SQE1 Boost (Bill my employer)

Enrolments are now open until 15 July 2024.

Course cost: £499

Are you interested in our full SQE1 Prep courses instead?


The BARBRI prep course was incredibly organised and comprehensive. The mock exams in particular helped to prepare me for the first-ever sitting of SQE2. I couldn't have passed without it!"

- Holly Moore

Not sure which SQE1 Prep course is right for you?

Request a call from a student advisor who will help you to choose the right course to set you up to pass your exam.

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