Foundations in Law

Our 6-week online introduction course to English common law, perfect for professionals or as primer for those looking to start their SQE journey

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About BARBRI Foundations in Law

BARBRI Foundations in Law is a 6-week short course designed to help you familiarise yourself with the study of law in England and Wales. It can also be taken prior to BARBRI SQE Prep to help students build knowledge ready to tackle the SQE prep courses with greater confidence.

Flexible study

The course is available online and on demand. During this short course, students will need to dedicate 10 hours per week over just 6 weeks making this course easy to fit into your life.

Bespoke study materials

The course consists of lectures, an online workbook and guided, interactive learning activities to solidify your knowledge.

What you'll cover

Course content covers the legal system of England and Wales, legal research and key legal concepts. 

Who is this course for?

BARBRI Foundations in Law has been designed for anyone looking for an introduction to the study of law in England and Wales. It is ideal for:

Professionals in legal and non-legal industries, from human resources, regulation and compliance to policing, tax and legal support staff.

Aspiring solicitors with non-legal degrees wanting some foundational knowledge before embarking on the SQE

Qualified overseas lawyers looking for dual qualification as a solicitor

Former law students who would like a refresher (and gain SQE-specific knowledge) before getting started on the SQE.

"BARBRI's personal learning plan helped me to fit studying into my busy life. I never need worried about what to learn when. Every time I logged-on I was directed towards what I needed to do."

Nick Denys

What you will learn

The BARBRI Foundations in Law course runs over six weeks, and you will need to dedicate around 10 hours of study per week to complete the course.

The law covered in this course will also be covered in the SQE1 Prep course through additional lectures and exercises. Foundations in Law is a chance to acclimatise yourself to the study of law and, also to get you thinking like a lawyer.

The syllabus will give you an introduction to three key areas including:

  • The legal system of England & Wales;
  • Legal research – how to conduct and present it;
  • Core legal terms, concepts, and areas of practice.
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What's included

An online study guide will provide you with overviews and guidance on each subject.

Short, interactive lectures break down each of the subjects and are easy to schedule around your time commitments.

Interactive, online exercises incorporated into the curriculum help to consolidate knowledge and understanding of the materials.

All passers will receive a shiny Credly badge!


Online pre-recorded, interactive workshops help to consolidate learning in legal thinking, the application of law, interpreting case law & statute, legal research and presenting client advice.

Self-review questions to help further understanding, including an introduction into SQE1 format of questioning.

Access to Westlaw enables candidates to start developing their legal research skills.

  • Careers & Employability services
  • Industry Insights events

Sample the Foundations in Law materials

Check out the free sample course materials and resources you will receive as part of the Foundations in Law course.

SQE1 Prep course options

If you're looking to go straight into SQE1 Prep you can check out the standalone SQE1 Prep course options and pricing below.

Enrol in BARBRI Foundations in Law

We offer a standalone 6-week Foundations in Law course which is available for you to start at a time most convenient to you. Alternatively, if you are planning to proceed on to the SQE, we recommend choosing a Foundations in Law and SQE1 Prep bundle for optimum course alignment and discounted pricing.

Foundations in Law

Part-time course | 6 weeks (60 hours)
10 hours of study per week
Enrolling on a rolling basis

Ideal introduction course for students and professionals looking to understand the legal system in England and Wales. Option to progress and enrol on SQE1 Prep course at a later date.


Foundations in Law & BARBRI SQE1 Prep Package [Focused]

Part-time course | 6 weeks (60 hours)
10 hours of study per week

Starting 15 July 2024

Packaged with SQE1 Prep 20-week course, starting 2 September.

Preparing for January 2025 exam


Foundations in Law & BARBRI SQE1 Prep Package [Flexible]

Part-time course | 6 weeks (60 hours)
10 hours of study per week

Starting 19 August 2024

Packaged with SQE1 Prep 40-week course

Preparing for July 2025 exam


If you would like to enrol in a course that has already started, please reach out to our team at to check availability.

Want to know more about Foundations in Law?

"The content is concise and whilst there is a lot to learn, the way the material is set out with BARBRI has meant I have never felt too overwhelmed."

Athina Maneli

Foundations in Law materials

Access the Foundations in Law sample materials by filing out the form below.

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