BARBRI Mini Review

A definitive last-minute workshop during bar prep

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One-day workshop that reinforces critical bar exam principles

BARBRI Mini Review is a one-day, eight-hour online workshop. It covers significant aspects of the topics most frequently tested on the Multistate Bar Exam. The workshop provides just a little extra reassurance right before the bar exam.

What to do right before your bar exam

What should you be doing the last couple of weeks leading up to your bar exam? Additional practice questions? Reviewing your lecture handouts and notes in your biggest opportunity areas? Review sample essay answers? Absolutely.

Spend the final days leading up to your exam on areas that are going to impact your bar exam score the most. Pay particular attention to topics and subtopics on which you rank just below the 40th percentile.

Your BARBRI Personal Study Plan is going to continue to guide you right up until the exam. Even with this, many still feel anxious wondering if they’re focusing on the right things or spending enough time on the right areas of law. We’ve heard from students that they felt more confident walking into the bar exam after taking the BARBRI Mini Review.

Risk-free purchase

If you do not end up utilizing the supplemental BARBRI Mini Review after purchase, you may send a letter of withdrawal by March 18th for the February Exam or August 15 for the July Exam and your full payment will be refunded so there is no risk to purchase.

Enroll in MBE Mini Review

BARBRI MBE Mini Review

Online, eight-hour workshop
Review most frequently tested topics
Refine critical MBE principles
Reinforce your knowledge

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