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Prepare with BARBRI to master practical legal skills for SQE2

Course Price:

BARBRI SQE1 Prep alumni: £2,999

Full SQE2 Prep course: £3,499

Start studying for the July 2023 exam

About BARBRI SQE2 Prep courses

BARBRI SQE Prep courses are offered twice a year leading into the scheduled exams in April and October.

Flexible course options

Tackle the work when you like, from half-hour chunks to full days. It’s your call, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Diagnostic testing

We offer all students a diagnostic assessment to look for any gaps in your legal knowledge before you start the course.

Access to SQE1 Prep materials

As part of the SQE2 Prep, you’ll be given our SQE1 materials to review, and you’ll have access to these for the duration of your course.

83% of the 239 BARBRI SQE sitters passed

BARBRI candidates made up a third of total sitters in the first SQE2 held in April 2022. 83% reported passing, compared to the 77% overall average.

Key features

We offer all students a diagnostic assessment to look for any gaps in your legal knowledge before you start the course. That way, you will know exactly where to focus your time and can prepare for SQE2 as effectively as possible.

BARBRI SQE2 Prep's faculty consists of experienced solicitors and barristers who are qualified in England and Wales. These experts will guide you to master the skills required to succeed in SQE2.

Watch our faculty give skills explanations in the form of interview-style lectures that are carefully crafted to fully interpret the exam criteria and give you tips on how to succeed. Materials are recorded so you can access them online anytime throughout the course, and lectures last about 20 to 30 minutes so that they fit easily into your schedule.

BARBRI will provide you with a short workbook to supplement the skills explanations.

These guided interactive learning activities take knowledge you have gained watching the skills explanations and reading the workbook and apply that knowledge to an exam style scenario. Each scaffolding activity breaks down the different steps you’ll need to master a specific SQE2 skill.

With our self-practice activities, you get the opportunity to have a go at doing a whole exam question yourself. You’ll receive instant access to self-assessment materials so you can confidently review your own work. You’ll find out how you’re doing, where you can improve, and you’ll even have the chance to mark your peers’ work and have them mark yours too.

Through Practice Feedback Activities, you’ll have the opportunity to get personalised feedback from a BARBRI assessor on every SQE2 skill. Many consider this personalized feedback to be the most valuable part of the SQE2 course.

You will also be able to participate in workshops, strategy sessions and Office Hours sessions where you can drop in to meet your mentors. They'll guide you on anything from how to tackle questions and improve your skills to queries about your own progress.

Before you sit SQE2, you’ll complete mock assessments and receive personal feedback from a BARBRI assessor in each skill and subject assessed in SQE2.

Enrol in a BARBRI SQE2 Prep course

If you are a BARBRI SQE1 Prep alumni, you are also entitled to a £500 discount (confirmed through enrolment).

BARBRI SQE2 Prep Course

Option 1

Part-time course | 20-week
10-12 hours of study per week
Starting 13th March 2023
Preparing for SQE2 July 2023
Best for:

Candidates who are looking for the most flexible option to study for the SQE2, who have sat and passed SQE1/QLTS MCT or LPC graduates who are exempt from SQE1.


BARBRI SQE1 Prep Alumni


Discount confirmed through enrollment

BARBRI SQE2 Prep Course

Option 2

Part-time course | 10 week
15-20 hours of study per week
Starting 16th October 2023
Preparing for SQE2 January 2024
Best for:

Candidates who are ready to study full-time, looking for the most efficient way to pass SQE2. Not suitable for non-BARBRI SQE1 Prep alumni.


BARBRI SQE1 Prep Alumni


Discount confirmed through enrollment

If you would like to enrol on a course that has already started, please reach out to our team at sqeprep@barbri.com to check availability.

Not ready to enrol? Check out sample SQE2 Prep course materials

Thinking about enroling in the BARBRI SQE2 Prep course? Download sample course materials and receive a step-by-step guide to your study process on the SQE2 Prep.

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More students trust us

"I would have been better prepared throughout law school if the BARBRI model was used for each class. I learned more from many of the BARBRI sections than I did in class."

Sean Tate

"If you want to be extra prepared take BARBRI!"

Julianne Necuze

"I really credit BARBRI for keeping me organised and on track with studying."

Melissa Green

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