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Billing your law firm for your BARBRI Bar Review course is simple. BARBRI has trusted direct billing relationships with over 450 law firms.  Find yours here.

Don’t see your firm listed? We may still be able to help, as BARBRI has relationships with over 1,000 law firms. Contact us at or 888-322-7274.

Just select the firm you’d like us to invoice during enrollment and, from there, we'll work directly with your firm for billing. For some course options, you’ll be responsible for a materials deposit that’s refunded when materials are returned at the end of the course.

Please note that some firms do not pay shipping fees and/or expedited shipping fees. Also, some firms provide stipends vs. paying for bar review directly. Please check with your firm for details.

Need a refresher on all of the great features and benefits included in the traditional BARBRI Bar Review course? Check them out here.

More students trust us

"BARBRI is spot-on in its MBE practice questions and practice essays. It’s shockingly accurate. This speaks to BARBRI’s experience and longevity. On the MBE—and I can speak to three administrations in three different states—BARBRI has clearly figured out what the bar exam questions look like and the patterns you’ll encounter."

C. Thea

Pitzen Emory Law

"Let’s not beat around the bush: studying for the bar is genuine torture; however, BARBRI was a godsend. While everyone knows the BARBRI materials are the gold-standard, I personally loved BARBRI because of the support I received from their legal faculty and staff. Despite having thousands of students, I felt like I was their only student. Whether it was texting Professor Richard Freer on a Saturday afternoon regarding a civil procedure query, or receiving a personal call from Mike Sims a week out from the exam to motivate me, I felt valued and unconditionally supported on the tough journey. I cannot sing BARBRI's praises enough. Thank you."

Andrew R

Harvard Law School

"BARBRI kept me on track in terms of knowing how much I should be doing at what point during my studying. It was also helpful to have it track my progress, show me my progress versus others, and give me a way to keep track of what I have done and what I have left to do. Follow the study plan and you'll not only pass, but feel prepared the day of the exam because you know you did everything you could and more than most other people!"

Mary Kate Hogan

NYU School of Law
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