Learn from top U.S. law professors

Experts at breaking down the law

The BARBRI faculty reads like a "who's who" of law professors from top U.S. law schools. These prominent scholars are familiar with every trend and nuance of the law and the bar exam – all the issues that have been tested most commonly over the years. They'll point out where to concentrate your study efforts, and explain how the bar exam is written and graded. No other bar review faculty is better qualified to lead you.

Meet a few renowned BARBRI professors.

Dean Erwin Chemerinsky

Constitutional Law

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Professor Paula Franzese

Real Property / Commercial Paper / Secured Transactions

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Professor Rich Freer

Civil Procedure, Corporations

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Professor Roger Schechter

Torts, Family Law

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Professor Stanley Johanson

Wills & Trusts

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Professor Sam Farkas

MBE Strategies / MBE Immersion / Constitutional Law Tutorial

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