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Here's what BARBRI Extended U.S. Bar Prep alumni have to say

“Great lectures, fantastic online platform.”

Tatiana Walton
Mackenzie Law School - Brazil

“I chose BARBRI as I knew it was the most established bar exam prep course. I selected the BARBRI Extended U.S. Bar Prep course and the BARBRI team helped me through the process of obtaining eligibility as a foreign lawyer to sit the bar exam – a huge hassle in itself! BARBRI lectures, materials and preparation schedule with the BARBRI Extended U.S. Bar Prep course were comprehensive and structured. Despite my late start and having to work full time, I passed with a comfortable 155 MBE scaled score. All thanks to BARBRI.”

Sinyee Koh

“I need a schedule like the Personal Study Plan to organize myself and I felt it worked for me. All the materials complement each other – so the student learns from answering questions, attending the lectures and reading the mini review. Thus, do not expect to get all answers right when answering them.”

Adriana Dias de Oliveira
NYU School of Law, LL.M.

“To anyone with the goal of passing a U.S. bar exam and becoming U.S. qualified—go with BARBRI Extended U.S. Bar Prep, make the time, do the work, apply the techniques and you’ll pass. Today, I am successfully dual-qualified as a New York attorney and Solicitor Advocate.”

Amanda Lee
New York attorney and Solicitor Advocate (Consultant), Seymours, London

“I took the BARBRI Extended U.S. Bar Prep course to study for the California Bar Exam in order to enhance my C.V. and open opportunities for me in the global legal market. BARBRI engaged with me and gave me great help in both signing up to the course and applying for the bar exams in California. I found the structure of the BARBRI bar course and the materials invaluable in my preparation for the bar exams and the bar ethics test. On the basis of the extensive materials provided (both online and in hard copy), the crucial bar simulation exercises, the dedication of the team, and the administrative course support, I would definitely recommend the BARBRI Extended U.S. Bar Prep course for UK-based students looking to take the California Bar Exam.”

Michael Bull

“BARBRI provided me with the framework and structure that I needed to pass the bar exam. The curriculum was very complete and detailed and the lectures were easy to follow. Studying for the bar requires a lot of discipline and BARBRI is a great resource for those who are willing to pursue the challenge.”

Kessia C.
Attorney in Brazil and Ohio

“I got my law degree 20 years ago, in a foreign country, in French. In a sense, BARBRI was my law school. Thanks BARBRI for helping me reach my goal of passing the New York Bar Exam. I felt that BARBRI was custom made for me.”

Devorah Beck
French Attorney

“I think the great thing about studying remotely with BARBRI Extended U.S. Bar Prep is that I did not miss out on any of the benefits. I constantly received emails and phone calls asking me on my progress with the course materials and everyone was happy to give advice. Moreover, all queries were responded to promptly. The practice exams toward the end were very useful as they gave me an idea of how a typical exam day would be like and prepared me both mentally and physically for the exam. The course material given by BARBRI is sufficient for the exam and I did not need to look beyond the materials for my preparation.”

Vansha Tolani

“BARBRI provided me with all of the materials and techniques to pass the bar exam. I found the PSP to be particularly helpful because it adapts according to your progress and, therefore, it ensures that you also spend adequate time on your weaker areas. Being a dual-qualified attorney (Brazil and U.S.) has enabled me to internationalize my career and have a competitive resume.”

Juliana Del Pesco, LL.M.
University of Pennsylvania Law School

“I loved the practice questions, they really helped me. Read ALL the Conviser Mini Review and do EVERY SINGLE multiple-choice question you can find.”

Maria Ochoa, LL.M.
Fordham University School of Law

“In my opinion it is a great bar prep and you need to trust that BARBRI knows what they are doing. I felt overwhelmed at first but somehow it works.”

Natasha S., LL.M.
University of Southern California Gould School of Law

“The course was easy to follow and structured well. I found the topics to be fully explained. But for those times when questions arose, a BARBRI rep was always there to provide advice, guidance, or a little morale boost.”

Cindy Anna Nicolson, LL.B.
New York State Bar, Immigration Attorney

“Aside from covering all of the material required to pass a United States Bar Exam, BARBRI provides a one-on-one mentor to every student. This personal mentor is on hand every step of the way to help ensure the student keeps up with the course. The best part is the mentor is a U.S.-qualified lawyer who not only supports and encourages but can also explain areas of the law that may not be easily understood.”

Laureen Fredah, LL.B.
Middlesex University London

“BARBRI Extended U.S. Bar Prep 10-month home study option allowed me to study part-time with the aid of online help, question banks, and even personalised essay feedback. The way the course materials and personalised timetable were presented was straightforward and, therefore, easy to follow. I received my materials through the mail with an assurance that, if I followed the timetable set for me by BARBRI, I would cover the material in the most efficient manner. This ultimately proved to be true.”

Tiffany Khoo, LL.B.
Associate Legal Counsel for the Central Bank of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur 

“Because I am a full-time working professional, I knew I would need flexibility in my bar exam studies. I chose the BARBRI Extended U.S. Bar Preparation course over six months because it allowed me to weave in studies with my other commitments. There are options with BARBRI, so finding the right path to prepare for the bar exam is highly individualized and simplified.”

Saurabh Aggarwal
From Toronto, Canada

“What became invaluable to me as I undertook my BARBRI Extended U.S. Bar Prep home study course was the unique one-on-one support I received from a mentor, who I deemed my “personal coach”. This person actually knew where I was in the study process at all times and was able to offer tailored help based on what I was studying. I ended up reaching out to my coach once every couple of weeks and she really guided me through how to structure my essays and responses for the Multistate Performance Test. She was also there to help me gain confidence in answering Multistate Bar Examination practise questions. Thank goodness for my coach (or saviour) when studying grew tiresome and oh so time-consuming.”

Jihane Chraibi
Morocco Native, NY State Bar

“I used the BARBRI Personal Study Plan, Mini Review, and the BARBRI app to listen to the lectures whenever and wherever to dive in and zip through topics. As a foreign qualified lawyer, I found the course content to be right on point with regard to teaching the foundations of U.S. law and the need-to-know principles for the bar exam to quickly get up to speed.”

Alexia Maas
General Counsel for Volvo Financial Services in Greensboro, N.C.

“I encountered negative reactions on my journey from people who didn’t think it was worth my while to do a course to learn the laws of another jurisdiction. They told me it was extremely difficult for foreign examinees and I would have to accept that it was unlikely my dreams would become reality, but I am proof that it can be done. I would love for my story to inspire others who may be thinking about doing a U.S. bar exam and let them know it is 100% possible.”

Aoife Moore Kavanagh
Associate Attorney, Law Office of James G. McCarney

“BARBRI is well known for its exam preparation courses for the New York Bar and is the only program that provides an international learning experience which allows lawyers to study for the exam in their country of origin as well as anywhere else in the world. The BARBRI team was extremely supportive and helped me and many of my peers navigate the tedious registration process for foreign-educated applicants. Also, the BARBRI lectures and practice questions were fantastic tools for preparation for the exam. By following the BARBRI Extended U.S. Bar Prep study schedule, specifically designed to prepare international students for the exam, I felt confident in my ability to pass the exam on my first try.”

Koren Grinshpoon, LL.B.
Israeli Attorney

“I remember when I took the BARBRI simulated MBE I was extremely nervous about my – less than ideal – results being a forecast of the inevitable. I shared my concerns with a professor at the review session. He not only gave me useful advice but he even offered additional materials to help me get through the most challenging subjects to me. That’s when I knew I had a true support system that was going to hold my hand throughout this experience. That, to me, made all the difference in the world.”

Ambar Rossi, Esq.
Associate Attorney at Sobosik Law, Massachusetts

“Law is my passion and the BARBRI lecturers are the best I have ever known. The way they deliver the lectures in a fun but still professional manner makes learning fun and worthwhile.”

Amina Makinta
Sheffield Hallam University, LL.B. (Hons)

“The BARBRI Extended U.S. Bar Prep course materials provided a comprehensive understanding of the bar exam topics for me, and the tips in tackling the bar exam were especially useful. I truly enjoyed lectures which were all very engaging despite the fact that I was watching the videos remotely and the subjects were, let’s be honest, rather dry. The BARBRI app was especially useful, as I could practice the multiple choice questions whenever I had some spare time on the go—this is particularly appreciated when juggling the bar exam studies with full time employment. I found it easy to communicate with my BARBRI mentor in spite of the time difference, and I’m happy to say that I passed the Texas Bar Exam on my first attempt thanks to BARBRI.”

Millie Yao

Find the BARBRI bar prep course that's built for you

Extended Bar Prep

Part-time course | 6- or 10-month 

Study for a UBE state, including New York or California
Best for:

Candidates without a J.D. from a U.S. law school looking for the most comprehensive bar prep or students who want more study time & flexibility

Traditional Bar Review

Full-time course | 8-10 week

Study for any U.S. state exam, including the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE)
Best for:

Candidates with a J.D. from a U.S. law school looking for the quickest, most efficient & effective course to pass any U.S. state bar exam

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