Funding your SQE studies

Funding options are available, including SQE scholarships and loans

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At BARBRI we’re committed to helping students from all backgrounds get the opportunity to enjoy a successful and rewarding career in the legal sector. We wholeheartedly support the introduction of the Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE) to reduce existing barriers and strengthen the diversity and representation of those working in law.

While the SQE exam is improving access to the legal profession, most people are not able to fully self-fund their studies. We have developed a funding initiative called BARBRI Bridges to help give more people a chance at SQE success, whatever their personal circumstances. As part of this, students can apply to multiple scholarship options. We have also partnered with a student loan company to offer an additional option for funding your SQE qualification journey with BARBRI.

Your SQE funding options

BARBRI Bridges

Our funding initiative supports aspiring lawyers by enhancing diversity and inclusion.

SQE Scholarships

You may be eligible for a scholarship based on your experience or accomplishments.

BARBRI SQE Prep student loans

We have partnered with Knoma to provide you with options on how to secure SQE funding.

Flexible payment plans

Several options are available, including payments divided into monthly instalments.

Get exclusive scholarship information and reminders

Stay informed and up to date while you pursue your path to SQE success. Sign up to receive reminders about the scholarship and enrolment deadlines, as well useful information on funding and support.

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