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The MPRE (Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam) covers everything about legal ethics and so do we in preparing you for this complex, tricky exam. It’s tougher than you may realize. The MPRE is designed to task you with thinking like a practicing attorney when ethical situations aren’t clear cut. And while the rules you learn in your legal ethics or professional responsibility (PR) class will apply to the MPRE, they won’t cover all the material tested.

The MPRE may have an easy reputation, but don’t fall for it. That’s why most 2L and 3L students prefer our free, online BARBRI MPRE Review course. It illustrates just how the issues will be framed on the exam and how you should apply the law when making ethical judgment calls. You’ll be ready to answer questions in the proper mindset that the examiners expect from a licensed, practicing attorney. BARBRI MPRE Review study materials are always up to date on legal ethics information – this is extremely important. And our recent course enhancements make your MPRE prep that much easier, faster, and more effective.

Effective, complementary study tools

The BARBRI MPRE book with lecture handout. Online, on-demand lectures. Hundreds of MPRE practice questions. Simulated practice tests. And the MPRE Maximizer “cram packet” – a quick-study guide that only BARBRI MPRE Review offers.

Everything works together to help you efficiently pinpoint and remediate areas where you’re struggling. The MPRE book, MPRE practice questions and lecture videos have also been reorganized recently, making it easier to use them interchangeably while studying any ethics topic.

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MPRE features professor, Dr. Paul Lisnek, Esq.

Featuring the nation’s PR expert

Only BARBRI has Dr. Paul Lisnek, Esq., guiding you through MPRE prep. That makes a world of difference. You’ll receive a solid understanding of the main topics tested – including how much emphasis is typically placed on each one – and the best strategy for correctly answering the 60 multiple-choice questions.

Modeled after BARBRI Bar Review

Navigate your MPRE Review Personal Study Plan to work through the modules covering the full scope of MPRE topics. We recommend at least 20 hours of study – revisit the online materials as often as you like to reinforce the rules of professional responsibility, code of judicial conduct, and law of lawyering.

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Course features

On-demand lecture videos

From your computer or smartphone, you can watch (or just listen) to bite-size lecture segments corresponding to specific MPRE review topic modules. We’ve also added on-screen text graphics and animations to help further engage you and drive home the many important aspects of professional conduct for lawyers. And remember, nationally renowned PR expert Dr. Paul Lisnek, Esq., explains everything.

Simulated practice test

Since the MPRE is timed – two hours, 60 multiple-choice questions – you’ll need to find your pacing. The goal is to get through all the questions with enough time left-over to go back and check anything you’re unsure about. That requires practice. BARBRI MPRE Review provides four online simulated exams. This will help you become more familiar with the complex nature of different ethical scenarios and, ultimately, the average time you can spend on each question in order to complete the exam.

MPRE Maximizer cram packet

Use this downloadable quick-study guide for a last-minute refresher – right up until you take the MPRE. Review the quickest rules and exceptions so you don’t miss any easy questions. Take a birds-eye view of broad topic areas to reinforce what you need to know. Go over, once more, the common fact patterns you’re likely to encounter on the exam. There’s helpful hints and reminders, too. Only BARBRI MPRE Review has the MPRE Maximizer cram packet.

Practice questions

BARBRI MPRE Review gives you online access to hundreds of realistic multiple-choice MPRE practice questions. Every one of them aligned to specific topic modules within your MPRE Review Personal Study Plan – so it all comes together nicely and makes sense. Plus, you’ll benefit from learning questions that follow each lecture video, highlighting any nuances – those “grey areas” – and how to appropriately handle ethical issues as a licensed, practicing attorney.

MPRE book / lecture handout

The BARBRI MPRE book and lecture handout (available as a digital download or hard copy shipped) match the content delivered in the on-demand videos and topic modules. We’ve also streamlined the fill-in-the-blank handout for even faster note taking during the lectures.

Everything you need to pass the MPRE

BARBRI MPRE Review is entirely exam focused and covers everything you need to know to pass the complex, and sometimes tricky, Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam. We’ve got you covered.

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100% online, all-inclusive course
On-demand lectures, segmented by topic
BARBRI MPRE book & lecture handout
Simulated practice test
Practice multiple-choice questions
MPRE Maximizer cram packet

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"I used BARBRI only to prepare for the MPRE and absolutely crushed it. I feel so empowered knowing that BARBRI is able to help me learn and absorb the content I'll need to be able to crush the bar exam too."

Katie Lin Boyle

Rutgers Law School

"BARBRI has been a great resource throughout my law school experience. As I prepare to take the MPRE, I can say with confidence that the tools BARBRI provides have made my experience studying much less stressful. I look forward to using BARBRI as my bar prep course!"

Hayden DePorter

University of Denver

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