Free Bar Review Baseline

Get a personalized, baseline report before you start studying for the bar. Your custom path to a higher MBE score.

Free Bar Review Baseline. Don't Miss This Opportunity

You’re getting ready to study for the bar exam and it's been a long time since you’ve had some of the subjects tested. You may be getting anxious about that. We’d like to help.

Bar Review Baseline is a free, new experience from BARBRI that will completely change the way you study for the bar. If you'll be taking a July 2020 bar exam that administers the MBE (all except Louisiana), you're invited. BARBRI Bar Review enrollment not required to participate.


  • Before April 1st, answer 70 multiple-choice questions
  • Answer all questions in one session or a few at a time over the next couple of weeks (our recommendation is all in one session, if possible)
  • Total experience should take approx. 2 hours
  • Within a few weeks of completing all questions, you’ll receive a personalized Baseline study report

Bar Review Baseline is not a judgment on what you remember (or don’t at this point) or a "test" on which you're being evaluated. It's simply a way to maximize every minute of your bar prep study time.

Only BARBRI can provide you this experience and level of insight.


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Complete Baseline and you'll be giving ISAAC – the engine that drives your BARBRI Bar Review Personal Study Plan – a head start. Instead of waiting to learn more about you as you work through the course, ISAAC will immediately incorporate the Baseline insights to customize your Personal Study Plan and modify your assignments for your summer bar prep.

For Non-BARBRI Students:

We still want to help. You’d be able to take advantage of this free experience and incorporate the insights yourself and / or provide to your bar prep provider and request that they adapt your bar prep plan based on the personalized Baseline report.