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Louisiana Bar Review Course

It starts with our hard-earned reputation among your fellow student and legal professionals. Ask any judge, attorney or law professor which bar review they took and they’ll tell you – BARBRI. That means something. We are the proven gold-standard in bar review. We’ve invented and re-invented bar review over the past 50 years to ensure we are the best partner when you decide to Own The Bar.

The next Louisiana Bar Exam is:


ISAAC, your Intuitive Study Assistant and Coach, is part artificial intelligence and a lot of real intelligence. ISAAC knows that just because something CAN be tested, doesn’t mean it’s LIKELY to be tested on your bar exam.

Some areas of the law are tested nearly all of the time, while others very infrequently. It combines algorithms and 50+ years of expertise to focus your study first on what’s most likely to be tested.

ISAAC also adjusts your Personal Study Plan (PSP) as it gets to know YOU. BARBRI Bar Review, powered by ISAAC, is the most effective and efficient way to Own the Bar.

Course Features

Personal Study Plan

ISAAC creates your online Personal Study Plan (PSP). Your PSP is your daily to-do list during the BARBRI Bar Review course. It does all of the heavy lifting and there’s a reason for every assignment, activity and workshop. As you progress, ISAAC continuously adjusts your PSP, shifting focus from subjects you know well enough to pass the exam to the subjects that need more of your attention.

Directed Essay Grading

BARBRI Directed Essay Grading starts with Essay Architect, the online instructor that gives immediate feedback to help you critically read bar exam essay questions and construct quality answers. After working with Essay Architect, you’ll submit a series of practice essays and performance tests for personalized feedback from trained bar exam writing experts. If you complete all of the assignments and want to do more, we’re always happy to grade more.

BARBRI Experts

Learn from the top names in U.S. legal education including Erwin Chemerinsky, Rich Freer, and Paula Franzese, just to name a few. Classroom and online lectures are divided into short segments and BARBRI professors are experts at breaking down the law and distilling what you need to know to pass the exam. No other bar review faculty is better qualified to empower you Own The Bar

Learn More About Our Experts

Barbri Books

BARBRI is known for superior written materials which fall into 3 categories: Outlines, Lecture Handouts and Practice Activities. Each work hand-in-hand with your BARBRI Personal Study Plan (PSP). Outlines includes the condensed Conviser Mini Review (CMR) and the more expansive State and Multistate Outlines. Lecture Handouts are designed to help you retain information learned during lectures. Practice Activities include multiple choice questions and essays and performance tests.

Online, Mobile, In-Class

We don’t limit you to studying alone or force you to pay extra to attend a lecture. Each day, you decide.

Stream a video, work a practice question online, or attend a classroom lecture. You know how you learn best. We give you the power to choose.

The BARBRI Study Plan app is available for iOS and Android devices as part of your BARBRI Bar Review purchase and experience. Search “BARBRI Study Plan” in the App Store or Google Play and log in with your active BARBRI account information.

Louisiana Exam – Tested Outlines

Spanning more than 25 topics, our “Louisiana: Code” and “Louisiana: Non-Code” volumes thoroughly cover all the law testable. Each outline focuses on bar exam law and provides examples to clarify complicated points. The Louisiana volumes are divided into those subjects testable on the Code exams (your first five essay exams) and those testable on the Non-Code exams (your last four essay exams).

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BARBRI Bar Review: 8-Week Course - Online only, Classroom or hybrid
BARBRI Early Start Bar Review - When available
LawMaster Study Keys App
2L/3L Mastery - Immediate online access
Insider webinars, bar application advice, key deadline reminders & personal progress mentor
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BARBRI Attorney's Course: $2,695 For A Limited Time.


The BARBRI Attorney’s Course is designed for licensed attorneys who have previously taken a U.S. state bar exam.

This 100% online course is held over 8-12 weeks, provides a shorter, streamlined experience and bypasses some basic bar exam test taking skills critical for first time takers.


If you take a BARBRI Bar Review course for the first time for a particular state and you do not pass that state's bar exam or do not sit for that state's bar exam, you may repeat the same course online once for the same state the next time a course is offered without paying additional tuition.

To enroll, choose your state, exam date and sign in using your BARBRI ID. The system will identify you as a Guarantee Student.

Your repeat course is only available for the next exam offered and does not include any upgrades, including supplemental workshops or a second set of books.

All guarantee students are entitled to new lecture handouts with their repeat course.

If a new edition of books has been released, you must pay a $250 refundable book deposit plus shipping and handling fees to enroll in the repeat course and you will be shipped a new set of books.

If the edition of books is the same as those used in your original course but you wish to receive another set of books, you must pay another $250 refundable book deposit plus shipping fees before books can be shipped to you.



If purchasing the traditional BARBRI Bar Review course to study for another state or if you are repeating a course as a BARBRI alumni student, you may take that course at the BARBRI Alumni price. To enroll, choose your state, exam date and sign in using your BARBRI ID. The system will identify you as a BARBRI Alumni. Refundable book deposit, book shipping and handling and taxes not included in price.



The BARBRI Bar Exam Digest has all the information you need to know for every bar exam in every state.

Creating the highest number of licensed attorneys every single year for over 50 years.

Let’s not beat around the bush: studying for the bar is genuine torture; however, BARBRI was a godsend. While everyone knows the BARBRI materials are the gold-standard, I personally loved BARBRI because of the support I received from their legal faculty and staff. Despite having thousands of students, I felt like I was their only student. Whether it was texting Professor Richard Freer on a Saturday afternoon regarding a civil procedure query, or receiving a personal call from Mike Sims a week out from the exam to motivate me, I felt valued and unconditionally supported on the tough journey. I cannot sing BARBRI's praises enough. Thank you.

Andrew R.

Harvard Law School '17

Creating the highest number of licensed attorneys every single year for over 50 years.

BARBRI gives you all the tools you need for success on the bar exam. The thorough materials you receive at the beginning of the summer provide you with ample study guides and realistic practice materials. The daily study plan assures you that you are staying on track with your studying. This combination of well-developed tools allows you to feel as confident as you possibly can when you walk into the bar exam.

Kristin Noonan

Villanova University School of Law

Creating the highest number of licensed attorneys every single year for over 50 years.

BARBRI was an essential part of my success on those exam days. From day one, BARBRI AMP was a great primer to subjects I'd forgotten. The progress tracking tools kept me engaged throughout the study process. I was blown away by the MBE Review lectures; those professors knew exactly what to expect on the bar. I definitely put in the work, but the course was worth every penny!

Sean Tate

Sean Tate University of Texas School of Law

Creating the highest number of licensed attorneys every single year for over 50 years.

I was extremely satisfied with my experience in the course and ended up with a 167 MBE score. I really put a lot of faith in the BARBRI program and it paid off. Thanks again!

Michael Robinson

Boston University School of Law

Creating the highest number of licensed attorneys every single year for over 50 years.

This is truly the best program. I took Kaplan for the CO review and it was simply not up to par. I had to take the CO bar again and the second time took BARBRI. It made all the difference.

Marilyn E Coto Juarez

Seton Hall University School of Law

Creating the highest number of licensed attorneys every single year for over 50 years.

I came to BARBRI after I had taken a bar review course from Themis. While they did have outlines, essays, and practice MBE questions as advertised, they did not match the quality and and detail of BARBRI’s study material. BARBRI’s advantage comes from the years of experience that goes into crafting a comprehensive curriculum. Most importantly, I never felt lost at any point of the process. Answers to essays and multiple choice questions were well explained. If I was really stumped, I could always count on the feedback from BARBRI graders. Having this peace of mind during the lead up to the bar exam allowed me to focus during the exam. My hats off to BARBRI. As a satisfied BARBRI customer, I will continue to preach the word.

Juan Ramos

University of Texas School of Law