Our SQE scholarship programme is part of the BARBRI Bridges initiative offering you a chance at SQE success, whatever your personal circumstances. We have four different types of SQE scholarships available throughout the year. Each of these is designed to provide the legal industry professionals of the future with a route to successfully achieving their Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE). All the scholarship options are only applicable to the BARBRI SQE1 Prep course.

BARBRI Bridges is a social mobility fund developed to help increase diversity, inclusion and accessibility in the legal sector. We work with law firms, charities and universities to achieve our goal and have committed over £200,000 across the industry.

Our SQE scholarships options

Essay Competition SQE Scholarship

Submit an essay on how you will act as an agent for change and make a real difference using your legal training for a chance at either a full scholarship or partial funding.

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Public Sector SQE Scholarship

If you have a job offer or are employed at a charity, not-for-profit or public interest organisation you could receive a discount of £600 towards your course fees.

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SQE Humanitarian Scholarship

This scholarship is open to those who can prove asylum/refugee status or displacement due to war and offers 50% off their SQE1 course fee.

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