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We at BARBRI are passionate about making SQE preparation accessible to everyone who dreams of becoming a solicitor. We have many students who self-identify as having a disability who go on to pass the SQE exams.  

Here’s a list of some of the accessibility features we offer via our Personal Study Plan (PSP) on our online learning platform. This is by no means an exhaustive list of everything we can provide. If you have any questions about accommodations, please contact a student advisor for assistance – if you’re a student already, please reach out to your learning coach, who will be happy to assist you. 

What accessibility features do we offer?

On-screen items:

  • Any on-screen items or graphics are either read aloud by the lecturer or they have alternative text added in for students using screen readers.  

Screen readers:

  • Accessible360, an independent company, reviews the accessibility of the PSP to ensure a positive user experience for our students who use screen reader navigation. 

Digital book kit:

  • The book kit is available digitally, through the PSP. It can also be provided in an array of digital file options, including PDFs, Word and TXT files. 
  • The digital book kit also has a zoom feature for students to enlarge portions of the text. 
  • All students receive hardcopy versions of the books. We can also provide larger-font, coloured-paper hard copy materials if a student requires it. 

Lecture videos:

  • Lecture videos have searchable, interactive transcripts that students can use in a variety of ways. Students can use them to follow along with the lecture, take notes, and find specific portions of the lecture and directly go to that lecture segment. Upon request, students can also receive files of the transcripts as well for offline review. 
  • Lectures have closed captioning. 
  • Students can adjust the play speed of each lecture, to either speed up or slow down a lecture.
  • There are also filled-in versions of the handouts that accompany the substantive lectures, which can be provided to students who receive note-taking assistance. 


Each assignment has multiple accessibility options available for students.  

  • Color scheme: Students can change the color scheme and decide between a variety of text and background options.  
  • Font size: The font size can be adjusted smaller or larger. 
  • Zoom feature: Students can use keyboard shortcuts to zoom in and out of each assignment. 


  • Students who expect to receive extended time on their SQE exam can incorporate that additional time into their studies in the PSP. Nothing in the PSP will “time out” or “lock” if it is not completed within a certain time parameter.  
  • For written assignments that students submit for grader feedback, students will receive the essay or writing prompt and then write it out in their preferred word-processing program. They will then be able to submit the saved file through their PSP for feedback. 

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