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Find out what SQE funding options are available for you.


Supporting you through your SQE journey

BARBRI strives to offer student support in every aspect of the qualification journey. We offer flexible payment plans, SQE scholarship options and trusted financing partners. Lack of financial support should not be an obstacle to your access to the legal profession.

We have partnered with Lendwise and Future Finance. These student loan companies provide you with options on how to secure SQE funding. Both companies offer students financial support throughout their studies. You can apply for a student loan with either company to cover the entire costs of your SQE1 and SQE2 Prep courses, as well as the Kaplan exam fees.

Future Finance

Any loan is based on the individual meeting the lending criteria. BARBRI recommends you read any loan agreement carefully before entering into a contract. Each student’s repayment schedule and interest rates may vary.


Who is Lendwise?

Lendwise is a specialist loan provider dedicated to education finance for UK residents who are looking to fund their professional qualifications with leading course providers.

Their mission statement is to enable access to higher education and professional training with a personalised and transparent financing solution. Lendwise is authorised and regulated by the FCA and a member of Responsible Finance. It is rated "Excellent" by students on TrustPilot.

How can Lendwise help you with your SQE funding?

Lendwise aims to reduce the funding gap with its low-cost and flexible student loans. This offers an SQE funding opportunity for aspiring solicitors who have the merit and desire to pursue the SQE, but don’t have all the funds.  They do so through their affordable and flexible private student loan.

They analyse a student’s holistic profile. This includes future earnings potential, rather than focusing on credit scores only. Interest rates are personalised and fixed for the entire duration of the loan, so a borrower knows the amount of each repayment in advance. This allows for better financial budgeting.  A Lendwise Loan operates fully online, as well as over the phone.

How it works with Lendwise

Check eligibilty

You can apply if you are an existing or prospective BARBRI student and a UK resident (any nationality) in full-time employment.


You can apply online and all-year round. Only a “soft” credit search is carried out (does not affect credit score). The interest rate offered will depend on overall applicant profile.

Application processing

Lendwise reverts within 2 business days and successful applicants upload necessary documents

On successful application

Tuition fees are sent directly to BARBRI. No fees or penalties are applied for early repayment of the loan or making overpayments, so student is not locked in.


Apply to Lendwise for funding

Follow the link below to find out more and start your application process.


Who is Future Finance?

Future Finance is a specialist student lender established in 2014. It focuses on expanding access to education to students and young professionals.
They have funded over £100M education loans in pursuing their goal of expanding access to education and high potential students and young professionals.
They are licensed by the FCA and score as "Excellent" on TrustPilot.

Key Information on Future Finance

Key benefits of Future Finance:

  • Loans cover Tuition and Cost of Living
  • Repayable over 7-10 year post completion of the course
  • No early repayment penalty
  • Nominal monthly payments while in school
  • 3-month grace period post completion of course
  • Two 3-month payment holidays

What Future Finance are looking for:

  • Course Continuation rates
  • Future Employment rates
  • Predicted Future Affordability
  • Credit Score & Credit History

Some students require a Guarantor on their application in order to proceed.

How it works with Future Finance

Check eligibilty

The student must be registered with one of BARBRI's SQE Prep courses, over 18 and a UK resident (any nationality).


You can apply online by submitting personal, educational and
current financial information. There is no fee for making an application.

Application processing

There is an instant offer online letting you know how much you are
eligible to borrow, your interest rate & in-study and post-study monthly payments. You can cancel at any stage.

On successful application

Tuition fees are sent directly to BARBRI. Cost of living funds are disbursed over multiple instalments.


Apply to Future Finance for funding

Keep an eye out on this section for the Future Finance application link coming soon.

SQE additional support

We are here to help you throughout your SQE journey. Check out other ways in which you could benefit as a BARBRI SQE Prep student, whether financially or otherwise.

SQE Scholarships

SQE scholarships offer other options to fund your course.

SQE Payment Plans

Our SQE Prep courses also carry flexible payment options.

SQE Student Support

For further support beyond SQE funding.

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