Why would I enroll in, and potentially commit to, a bar review course months (or years!) before I plan on actually studying for the bar exam? This is an individual decision, but there are plenty of very good reasons you might consider enrolling as a 2L (or even earlier).

While you’ll utilize the majority of your BARBRI Bar Review course later, there are components that you can access earlier than others…some even immediately.

2L / 3L Mastery is one of the components you can use immediately. We hear often from students who tell us they wish they would’ve known about 2L / 3L Mastery much earlier.

It covers subjects that most students find very challenging during their 2L or 3L year: Evidence, Taxation, Corporations, Wills, Trusts, Secured Transactions, Criminal Procedure, Constitutional Law & Family Law.

For each subject, you get online, on-demand lectures by renowned experts who focus on efficiently teaching you critical rules and elements. Lectures are divided into easily accessible topics so it’s easy to watch and review the sections that supplement what you’re learning in class. Efficient outlines are also included for each subject as well as multiple choice practice questions that track back to each lecture topic so you can apply and assess what you have learned.

In addition to 2L / 3L Mastery, when you purchase and commit to BARBRI Bar Review earlier, you get first access to Early Start Bar Review and the LawMaster Study Keys app, which are typically available in September prior to your bar exam. These are critical as early bar studies (even just a little) statistically increases your chances of passing your exam the first time.

You’ll also get first notifications on book availability (typically in March prior to the July exam and September prior to the February exam) and course location options so you can reserve your space if you’re selecting to watch lectures in a classroom setting.

You can save a lot of money and pay over time

Some people still think that the longer they wait, the better bar review deal they’ll get. Over the past several years, this has not proven to be true. In fact, the people who commit early lock in the best price and protect themselves against future price adjustments.

At BARBRI, we’re committed to providing those who commit to us the very best price. That’s why, if you commit to one price and that price decreases before your bar review course starts, we’ll give you the better price.

Also, the earlier you commit, the more time you have to spread out a custom installment payment plan or to finance your tuition.

With a BARBRI custom installment plan, just pay the minimum required down payment at enrollment then split up the remainder of your tuition into custom payments. No credit check is required and no interest is applied. You can select the months you pay and how much you pay each month. Your total tuition just needs to be paid in full per the payment deadlines prior to the beginning of your BARBRI Bar Review course.

If you have a social security number and want to consider course financing, many BARBRI Bar Review tuition types allow you to “Finance with Affirm” during or after enrollment.  The rate (0-30% APR) and term options (3, 6, 12, 18, 24 or 36 months) you’re offered is based on the tuition type you are choosing and on a credit check. You will begin making payments immediately to Affirm, but the entire balance of your tuition does not need to be paid prior to your course starting or ending. Learn More about Financing with Affirm.

With both the BARBRI Custom Installment Plan and the Finance with Affirm options, you get access to all of the resources mentioned above when they are available.

What if I plan on billing my employer in the future but I’m not sure yet. Should I still enroll?

Unless you know for sure that a firm is paying directly for your course, securing the lowest rate tuition and just paying the minimum balance due is the best way to ensure you pay the lowest possible tuition.

If your firm ends up giving you a stipend for bar review (vs paying BARBRI directly), then you’ll have more stipend money left after paying for bar review. If your firm ends up paying BARBRI directly, we’ll help you get that setup and transferred and you won’t have to pay any more. Best of all, you’ll get access to all of the resources mentioned above.

What if I’m going into public interest and I want a chance to apply for the BARBRI Public Interest scholarship in the future. Should I still enroll?

If you plan on going into Public Interest, you should definitely secure the lowest rate tuition as soon as possible. This will ensure at a minimum that your tuition doesn’t increase and guarantee that you receive priority consideration when a BARBRI Public Interest Scholarship program opens for your class.

If you are selected, the scholarship award will simply be applied to your existing tuition. In the event you are not selected for a scholarship, you will be able to cancel your enrollment and have no further obligation.

All of us at BARBRI look forward to helping you succeed in law school and, ultimately, Own The Bar.