Public Sector SQE Scholarship

An SQE1 funding opportunity for those contributing to the public interest

Public Sector SQE Scholarship Application Form

Year after year, BARBRI supports thousands of students who seek to change the world. Last year alone, BARBRI awarded over $4.5M in scholarships to public interest students and other world-changers.

A limited number of scholarships are available for BARBRI SQE Prep. This scholarship offers the chance to receive a discount of £600 towards your course fees.

How can I qualify for a BARBRI Public Sector SQE Scholarship?

Simply show that you are employed or committed to be employed in the public interest sector with an annual salary less than £45,000.

A firm or third-party must not be paying tuition to be eligible for a public sector scholarship discount.

How to apply

  • Carefully review the three BARBRI SQE1 Prep course options on this page.
  • Select your course choice by applying now (please select only one and submit documentation in English).
    • Employed students must submit employment verification or acceptance of an offer for employment within the public interest sector along with this form. Please include a brief description of the organisation (including a link to their website), position and salary as well as a contact person for reference.
    • Unemployed students must provide a brief description of their post-graduation public interest plans, including proof of ongoing commitment to work in the public interest sector. Please include a resume that demonstrates public sector employment prior and/or during law school, as well as a reference letter from your most recent public sector employer.
  • Within 5 business days, you will receive an email at the address provided in your application containing the approval decision.
    • If you already have a BARBRI account, your BARBRI SQE Prep course option will be modified, if applicable, and tuition will be adjusted.
    • If you do not already have a BARBRI account, one will be created for you and will reflect the course option and tuition you selected during this application process.
  • Complete enrolment by paying a minimum of 50% of the course fees within 30 days to retain your scholarship.

If you’re approved for the Public Sector SQE Scholarship and your circumstances change, BARBRI reserves the right to rescind the scholarship discount from your BARBRI SQE Prep course.

How to accept the scholarship

Please note that the scholarship tuition discount or credit cannot be assigned or combined with any other payment incentives, discounts or credits that would result in a tuition less than the one shown for the applicable BARBRI SQE Prep course. If you have received any other gift card promotion or discounts, your approved public sector discount will be adjusted for the previously applied gift card promotions or discounts.

If a scholarship discount on the BARBRI SQE Prep course option you selected is awarded, you have 30 days to take action to secure your scholarship discount (or the payment deadline for your course, whichever is first):

If you do not take these actions within 30 days of your scholarship issuance (or the payment deadline for your course, whichever is first), the scholarship discount on your selected BARBRI SQE Prep option may be revoked.

You can find the SQE scholarship terms and conditions here.

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