SQE Essay Competition Scholarship

Win full or partial funding for your SQE1 Prep course

SQE Essay Competition Scholarship Application Form

The SQE Essay Competition Scholarship provides 10 students with help getting through their SQE1 studies.

How can I qualify for a BARBRI Essay Competition SQE Scholarship?

For a chance to secure one of the Essay Competition SQE Scholarships, students should submit an essay of no more than 1,000 words (not including any references) on the subject "What is wrong with the common law system and how would you change it?" The successful candidates will receive a discount on their SQE1 fees, one outstanding candidate will be bestowed full financial support.

This offer is available for the following courses:

-Focused 20-week SQE1 Prep course, starting 19th February 2024 (July 2024 exam)

-Accelerated 10-week SQE1 Prep course, starting 29th April 2024
(July 2024 exam)

Essay Competition SQE Scholarship Awards

-One full fee scholarship on SQE1 fees

-One half-fee scholarship on SQE1 fees

-Eight £1,000 towards fees scholarship discounts on SQE1 fees

How to apply

Fill in the form on this page with your essay submission by 2nd February 2024. 

You will hear back from us by the 16th February 2024 with the result.

If you are successful, you will receive a unique coupon code to add to your enrolment form which will adjust your SQE1 fees by the awarded amount.

You can find the SQE scholarship terms and conditions here.

Please note:

-Reference your sources clearly.

-No plagiarism allowed.

-By submitting your essay, you confirm that you did not use a generative AI tool (such as ChatGPT) to generate your final essay.

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