Get the full U.S. LL.M. Extended Bar Review program for $2,895.


Over 1.3 million students worldwide have succeeded with the BARBRI Bar Review course. We teach you exactly what it takes to pass the bar on the first try. 50 years of bar exam-specific experience means you won't be left wondering if you're ready.

We understand the unique difficulties of a new school environment and culture. American concepts of law, and how they are taught, are fundamentally different from many international legal systems. Our law professors have extensive experience in LL.M. training, including sensitivity to the challenges international students face.


Get a head start in your studies. With the LL.M Extended Bar Review, you'll ease your transition to law school by familiarizing yourself with concepts and terminology on the most frequently tested topics. Our program is designed to give you a choice in what and how you study and how much time you have to devote to early bar preparation. But don't worry, we'll give you advice on how to choose the tasks you should complete. You'll be able to (1) work on the skills needed for all parts of the bar exam, (2) get a broad understanding of each Multistate subject, and (3) dive more deeply into the heavily tested topics of each subject so you can build confidence in your abilities. LL.M Extended programs are available for all US states except Louisiana and Puerto Rico.

  • Skills

    Our bar review course will teach you all the law you need to pass the bar exam, but you also need a specialized set of skills to help you resolve legal problems and questions you are given. You'll get that in our course too, but with LL.M. Extended you can start work on the foundational skills you need before you set foot in your daily bar review program:

    • Systematic Problem Solving will teach you how to read questions critically and efficiently, so you can quickly discern the issue and relevant facts in any type of question, identify the distractors that the bar examiners put into questions, and come to an answer.
    • The Essay Writing Workshop will build on the reading skills you learned in Systematic Problem Solving, teach you how to organize relevant law and facts into a responsive essay answer, and help you polish your writing skills. Then you can test your skills with Essay Architect. It will test your reading skills, review essay answer organization, and give opportunity to build a lawyer-like answer from component parts. Your analytical reading skills will later be put to the test in a series of progressively more difficult, actual bar exam essay prompts in which you will be improving your skills at picking out and highlighting key facts. And all along you'll receive immediate feedback on your personal performance. Plus you'll work with an organizational tool that will give you the edge you need to excel on the exam.
    • Finally, the Performance Test Skills Workshop will teach you how to identify, annotate, extract, and organize relevant information from each type of document you'll see in a performance test. You'll learn how to refine your outlining and writing skills with performance test exercise so you can maximize your points on this part of the exam.

  • Overview of the multistate subjects

    Whether you would like to start studying for the bar exam early or you'd just like to get a preview of the law in a class you are taking, we can help. For each Multistate subject, you'll get explaining what the subject broadly covers as well as areas that are tested and/or how one should approach each subject.

    The goal is to give you the "big picture" of the subject in case you have not had it in the course of your studies or there is not analogous concept in your home country. Plus, you will get a head start learning key terminology that will help you both on the bar exam and in practice.

  • Deeper Dive Into Highly Tested Topics

    The next step involves a deeper look into each of the MBE subjects. Rather than throwing an entire subject at you, we selected highly tested or particularly difficult sub-topics for you to focus on during your early studies so you can start building mastery in a manageable way.

    Plus, this also means when you get to the main bar course, you will see each of those subjects again and each of the highly tested areas you have already covered will be reviewed again.

  • Full Access To BARBRI Bar Review

    In addition to extended materials designed specifically for LL.M students, you also get access to the full BARBRI Bar Review experience. BARBRI Bar Review is the nation's #1 bar review course with the most proven and personalized approach to bar exam preparation. Learn More


In today's increasingly globalized world, demand continues to grow for those who understand the workings and complexities of the law of more than one jurisdiction. Passing a U.S. state bar exam and becoming an American attorney adds prestige and valuable credentials to your resume. Even more, it gives you the capability and expertise to work with international clients, deal with cross-border transactions, and understand the differences between U.S. and international law, among other things.

Beyond choosing to practice law in the U.S. or abroad, you may be eligible for many positions in specialized areas such as consulting, international arbitration, international human rights, corporate in-house counsel for international businesses, and many more.

Although pursuing U.S. licensure is ultimately a personal choice, passing a U.S. bar exam can give you access to career opportunities typically available only to U.S.-trained attorneys and, in many cases, makes the difference in getting the job you want.

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Since 1967, we have helped the vast majority of lawyers in the United States pass the bar, making BARBRI the original and still today's leading bar review expert.

BARBRI bar review courses are the most-trusted and highly regarded on the market. They are also the only bar review courses offered in all 50 U.S. states and internationally.

BARBRI lecturers are prominent scholars from top law schools who understand what it takes to succeed as law students and as attorneys. Simply stated, students and attorneys who take BARBRI courses before, during, and after law school are more successful than those who don't

BARBRI has offices in London, Dublin, Tel-Aviv and in several U.S. cities including New York, NY; Chicago, IL; Washington, DC; Los Angeles, CA; and Dallas, TX.

Get the full U.S. LL.M. Extended Bar Review program for $2,895.


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