3L advice: Making an effective outline

November 30, 2017

GUEST BLOG Katie R. Day, Quinnipiac University School of Law, J.D. Candidate 2018 Today is my last day of classes! While I no longer have to sit in class, I can’t totally put the semester behind me yet. The next week is going to be full of outlining for all of my law school final […]

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Early experiences in U.S. capitol pave way to qualifying as a U.S. attorney

March 2, 2017

Before joining a Magic Circle law firm in London, Hannah McCarthy worked in Washington, D.C., interned with a U.S. Senator and passed the New York Bar Exam – using BARBRI Extended U.S. Bar Prep MY NAME IS HANNAH McCARTHY and I passed the New York Bar in February. I am currently working in international arbitration […]

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My case-reading strategy (that saves time!)

January 27, 2015

GUEST BLOG Harrison Thorne, 2L at UCLA School of Law When I first started law school, reading cases took FOREVER! It still takes me a while to get through reading assignments. But when I do the reading, I really try to get the most out of it. My method is a bit different—I think—than others’. […]

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