COVID-19 BARBRI Summer 2020 Update

A Letter to All July 2020 Bar Takers

Date Posted: March 28, 2020
On March 27, 2020, the New York bar examiners announced that the July 2020 New York bar exam will not be administered as scheduled but will instead be rescheduled for dates in the fall. The National Conference of Bar Examiners has announced that it will decide on or about May 5, whether the MBE, MEE, and MPT will be administered on July 28-29.
Whether your bar exam is given in July or later, BARBRI is ready:
  • Online, on-demand BARBRI Bar Review course content becomes available nationwide April 20 and will remain open in each state until the state’s bar exam is administered.
  • Live lecture schedules will be adjusted for states that postpone the exam. You will also be able to access live lectures from home, with moderated Q&A.
BARBRI will continue monitoring developments, and will quickly make all necessary adjustments to each state’s bar review course to ensure the most effective learning is delivered over the optimal period of time.
Stay safe and healthy,
Mike Sims
BARBRI President

Date Posted: March 26, 2020

State bar examiners continue to explore many options for the July bar exam. No state has currently settled on a course of action, but rest assured that we have a plan in place for each scenario:

  • If the July bar exam is postponed, you will have access to your bar review course to continue studying until your bar exam is administered, at no additional cost.
  • In the unlikely event that licensure via diploma privilege is granted and you are not required to take a bar exam for full licensure, BARBRI will provide an equitable refund.

BARBRI Bar Review Personal Study Plans will be opening April 20th to begin summer bar prep studies.

Additionally, BARBRI has made 2L/3L Mastery available free to all students to study for finals.

  • 2L/3L Mastery allows students to study online, on demand for:
    • Constitutional Law, Corporations, Criminal Procedure, Evidence, Family Law, Secured Transactions, Taxation, Wills and Trusts.
  • No bar review account or commitment is required to access.

Stay safe and healthy,

Mike Sims
BARBRI President

Date Posted: March 24, 2020

While much has changed since my March 11 update, one thing remains the same – everyone at BARBRI remains committed to giving you the knowledge and confidence you need to succeed. So, I want to share with you the latest summer 2020 news and suggest two things you can do now to increase the certainty of your success.

July 2020 Bar Exam Update

The National Conference of Bar Examiners recently updated its COVID-19 Update page to say they are working closely with state bar admission offices to find flexible solutions. The NCBE is prepared to support jurisdictions in their decisions to offer the July exam, reschedule the July exam or explore other options.

Summer 2020 Bar Review Course Update

Greater Lecture Flexibility

  • Starting this summer, you can watch the live stream of each bar review lecture in the comfort and safety of your home with live, moderated Q&A.
  • As always, the entire course is available online and on-demand.
  • We are in regular communication with each of our classroom locations. None of them have been canceled.

Confidence Whenever the Bar Exam Happens

  • The BARBRI Personal Study Plan is highly adaptable. It will deliver you the right assignments at the right time, whether you take the exam in July or later. Rest assured, you will have access to the course until the exam is administered.

What You Can Do Now

Here are two things you can do if you want to get ahead on your bar prep:

  • Bar Review Baseline is a 70-question, two-hour assessment that gives you a personalized MBE strengths and weaknesses report and extra-customizes your BARBRI Personal Study Plan.
  • BARBRI Early Start delivers focused learning on the 25 most tested MBE subtopics.

Closing Thought

In this time of growing uncertainty, the most important thing you can do is remember how adaptable and resilient you are. Your first year of law school was probably unlike anything you had ever experienced. Yet you survived (and thrived), and now you’re almost done. Similarly, your final semester of law school is not what you expected, but you and your classmates are adapting, just like you did as 1L’s.

There may be more surprises between now and the bar exam, but together we’ll navigate whatever may come. And when all is said and done, you will achieve your dream of becoming a lawyer.

Stay safe and healthy,

Mike Sims
BARBRI President

Date Posted: March 11, 2020

With the growing number of cancellations of in-person law school classes, I want to update you on this summer’s bar review course.

  • The entire BARBRI course will be available online and on-demand this summer, as it has in the past. You won’t need to attend a classroom.

We know this is a time of increasing anxiety, and thinking about the bar exam probably doesn’t help. BARBRI has helped over 1.3 million attorneys navigate stress and anxiety on their path to becoming an attorney. This summer, we’ll be with you every step of the way – no matter how rocky those steps may become.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please reach out. We’re all in this together, and all of us here at BARBRI are single-mindedly dedicated to your success this summer.

Stay safe and healthy,

Mike Sims
BARBRI President