The BARBRI Guarantee

How we help you if you don’t pass the SQE exam the first time.

The BARBRI Guarantee

Our tried and tested learning method sees most of our students pass the SQE exams. But life happens. If, for some reason, you don’t pass the exam, we’re here to help you regain your confidence and sit the exam again. Here we explain the BARBRI guarantee. If you have any questions at all, contact us here.

SQE1 Prep

Deferrals: What happens if I’m not ready to sit the SQE1 exam? 

If, for whatever reason, you are unable to sit the SQE1 exam you prepared for, you can defer to a future course. Speak to your learning coach first and if you’re still sure you want to defer, than reach out to the Student Services team, who can rebook you onto another course – you’ll have access to that course from the date the course becomes available. The deferral price is £399. Remember to cancel your SRA exam booking too and book for a future exam.

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Guarantee: What happens if I fail the SQE1 exam? 

If you take our SQE1 Prep course and you don’t pass the SQE1, you may rejoin any SQE1 Prep course we offer – free of charge – within 12 months of the SQE1 results date.  

The BARBRI Guarantee does not include any upgrades, such as supplemental workshops or a new set of books but you will be able to purchase and pay for any such supplemental workshop or books separately. 

You have 3 attempts to pass the SQE1 exam within a 6-year period, and the guarantee can be used only once. Should it happen that you fail your second attempt at the SQE1 exam, you will be entitled to re-take the SQE1 prep course a third time at a greatly reduced resitters price: £1,200 without books, or £1,500 with books. 

Once you’re on a guarantee course, you cannot defer to another course. If you cannot sit the exams, you will then need to re-enrol into a third course as a BARBRI Alumni and you’ll get a £200 alumni discount: so you’ll pay £2,799 for the SQE1 Prep course.  

SQE2 Prep


What happens if I fail the SQE2 exam?

If you enrol onto the SQE2 Prep course and you don’t pass the SQE2 exam, the BARBRI Guarantee allows you to repeat your studies for free by rejoining any SQE2 Prep course within 12 months of the SQE2 results date – provided that you completed 70% of the tutor calls and practice feedback sessions of the SQE2 Prep course assigned via your Personal Study Plan (PSP), and you’ve undertaken all of the simulated assessments.  

Deferral is not available with SQE2 prep course. If you’re not able to sit the SQE2 exam, you can enrol onto another SQE2 prep course using a £500 alumni discount: you’ll pay £2,999. 

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