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Your SQE1 Prep Personal Study Plan explained

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You have your own learning style and schedule. Your SQE prep should reflect that. Whether you’re the ‘diligent, note-taking for the entire class’ type or the ‘20 minutes then I need a break’ type, the interactive BARBRI learning experience will ensure you are definitely the ‘Wow, that module sure helped me understand that subject and pass the SQE exam’ type.  

Enters the BARBRI Personal Study Plan (PSP): the difference between a one-size-fits-all experience and a personalised-specifically-for-you prep course. 

What is the Personal Study Plan?

Your PSP is created by ISAAC, your Intuitive Study Assistant and Coach, aka the engine behind our customisable study plan. ISAAC does the hard work of scheduling all the easily digestible lectures, reading, practice questions, workshops and other assignments into a study plan that works around your other commitments.

It uses Artificial Intelligence, algorithms and 50+ years of US bar exam intelligence – and now SQE experience too - to help you focus and get through all the study materials in the study time available to you. As you progress, ISAAC recalibrates your PSP as it learns from you, and re-prioritises assignments based on how much time is left until your exam. All you need to do is follow the plan (catch up if you need to) and you’re on your way to SQE success. 


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Your Intuitive Study Assistant and Coach

What you can do in our PSP:

View and customize schedule 

ISAAC can work with your schedule. Select your start date and days of the week you want to study, and it will create a schedule that works for you. Or use BARBRI's default schedule. You can always customise it later.  

Why are the assignments not in a “logical” order? 

You’ll soon see that we don’t complete one module/subject and then move on to another. We work on the principle of spaced repetition – moving on, coming back, learning something new, going back again. Over and over. In the beginning you may feel it’s a bit strange compared to how you learned at uni. But this learning method is tried and tested to help you memorise large amounts of content over the duration of the course. You’ll hear our learning coaches say “Stick to the plan” - and towards the end you’ll understand why! 


Your learning is divided into short assignments. You can choose to see the entire course, or personalised recommendations based on your available time and progress. You can also choose to see additional practice questions. You can further filter the assignments by subject and the estimated time each will take to complete.  

Here are the types of assignments you’ll be asked to complete: 

Preparing for class

A reading assignment with an overview to prepare you for each substantive lecture. The overviews help you to get familiarised with the subject, but you don’t have to try and memorise anything.  

3,000+ multiple-choice questions

The MCQs answers are mini lessons. They discuss the law involved, why the correct answer is the best option, and why the other choices are incorrect. You can track your progress and find out which areas you are weaker in, and then do additional MCQs for revision. Learn more here.

Video lectures

Every BARBRI lecture give you both the big-picture view of how all the moving parts fit together but will also go into the details of the most frequently tested topics. Graphics, animations, and interactions help you remember the material and learn actively by staying engaged. 


BARBRI Prep for Success workshop series focuses on the skills you need to tackle the multiple-choice nature of the SQE1 exam. Sessions are held live online, but in the PSP you can find a recorded version of the workshop if you cannot make the live session.  

Study guide outlines

Your study guides contain the outlines as discussed in the lectures. You can make notes in your digital study guides or in your hardcopy study guides during lectures. However, you could also just focus on listening carefully, because you will be prompted by your PSP to read the outlines a few days after your lecture


Here you’ll find your digital study guides and revision guides on the Kitaboo platform, which you can access on desktop, mobile and the BARBRI app. Bookmark pages, make notes during lectures, create sticky notes and highlight sections. We’ll also send you hardcopy version of these books.  

Progress dashboard 

Our gamified Progress Center gives you an overview of your progress. It shows you exactly where you stand at every step throughout your BARBRI SQE Prep course. You’ll always know how much you’ve completed and if you’re staying on track.  

You’ll also see how you’re doing, by subject, compared to the rest of the students who are studying with BARBRI for the SQE exam. This is invaluable insight that will help ensure you are doing well enough, in enough areas, to ultimately pass your exam. And insight you can only get with BARBRI. 

View the progress dashboard through our SQE1 Prep Preview here.


You will receive notifications and messages about your PSP, upcoming workshops and events, as well as Careers resources available to you. 

Accessibility features 

We work hard to make the PSP accessible for our students. We work with Accessibility360 to regularly audit our platform to ensure you get the best experience. 

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Our students love our PSP:

“Loving the PSP – I’ve studied most of the material before, but it’s a while ago so the concise nuggets we’re served up suit me well. I keep realising how much I’ve forgotten!” 

“The PSP is really well organised, and I love how the lectures are so concise and to the point.” 

“BARBRI has a slick process that is entirely online but makes use of the right tech tools to give a great student experience.” 

“The materials are clear and the lectures are well explained. The PSP is a definite plus.” 

Want to try out our SQE1 PSP?

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