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Mexico Lawyer Passes the California Bar Exam, Con Facilidad

June 18, 2024

By Pamela Rajunov Djaddah, Esq., Business Law Estudié Derecho en México ― que es un sistema de derecho civil ― y a pesar de eso, los materiales proporcionados por BARBRI hicieron fácil que aprendiera lo suficiente para poder pasar el examen de la Barra de California. Estudié a distancia, leí los materiales y escuché las clases en línea y […]

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Passing the New York Bar Exam Helps Attorney’s Global Skills

June 11, 2024

By Alexia Maas, Esq., Founder and CEO, Stratevix I originally qualified to practice law in Scotland in 1997. I then spent 16 years in private practice with large law firms in the U.K. and Norway as a corporate and banking lawyer. After working with CHC Helicopter as a client — at the time the world’s […]

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Dual-qualifying as a non-native English speaking lawyer

August 25, 2022

Many U.S. lawyers and registered solicitors in England enter the legal profession via an alternative route. Some come from outside the United States or the United Kingdom. If you are already a qualified, practicing lawyer in your home jurisdiction and want to globalize your career to the U.S. or England and Wales., your timing couldn’t […]

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From law student to New York lawyer | The road to U.S. Qualification

July 13, 2022

Portia Proctor is an associate at Proskauer Rose LLP in the firm’s litigation practice group. The international lawyer graduated from the University of Toronto Law and went on to pass the New York Bar Exam in 2021 with the help of BARBRI. Portia studied full-time with BARBRI, completing the company’s 8- to 10-week bar review […]

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Foreign-educated lawyer passes U.S. bar exam without fail

February 17, 2022

By Hiba Tawfik, Legal Counsel at CSCEC Middle East and BARBRI Alum I knew I wanted to be a lawyer for as long as I can remember, and the journey to becoming one was far from the traditional path taken. With a background in international relations and political science, I started my career in international […]

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Illinois Bar Requirements for Foreign Law Graduates

January 6, 2022

By Steven Soto, BARBRI Legal Coordinator Are you considering becoming qualified to practice law in the United States? Illinois may be just the place to dual-qualify and expand your career. While many non-U.S. educated law graduates and attorneys who study with BARBRI for their bar prep go on to practice in New York or California, […]

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NYSBA membership: BARBRI Extended U.S. Bar Prep and SQE Prep alums

January 2, 2022

BARBRI Extended U.S. Bar Prep and BARBRI SQE Prep students and alumni enjoy a free 2-year membership to the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) – in the International Section of your choice. ABOUT NYSBA For more than 140 years, NYSBA has been the voice of the legal profession in New York state. Our mission is […]

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The U.S. LL.M. | 6 tips for choosing your law school classes wisely

March 26, 2021

By Juliana Del Pesco, BARBRI International Legal Manager LL.M. programs at some U.S. law schools allow students to create their own class schedule. This is a great benefit. And it can be overwhelming, too. There are many interesting classes, professors, and visiting faculty. It’s difficult to decide. Which professors interest you most? Should you focus […]

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International student sits New York Bar Exam: A personal insight

March 8, 2021

By Hemant Chauhan, BARBRI Legal Advisor Having sat for the New York Bar Exam in July 2018, I can certainly tell you that was the most difficult legal examination I have sat to date. Having arrived at JFK Airport from London Heathrow a week before the exam, I felt it important to be in a […]

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Study + work: How to successfully do both

March 7, 2021

By Hemant Chauhan, BARBRI Legal Advisor If you are looking to internationalize your legal career as a foreign-trained lawyer or law graduate by pursuing qualification as a U.S. attorney, you’ve made a wise decision. Know that preparing to sit a U.S. Bar Exam doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Although you may grapple with […]

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