New Semester Resolutions

[ Stephanie Baldwin, 2L at the University of Arizona ]

Since we have entered a new year and semester, I thought it was appropriate to make some new semester resolutions. Like typical new years resolutions, these are things I know I should do, but haven’t been doing consistently, or at all. The new year is a great time to start new habits, so here are my five new semester resolutions to help me be a well-rounded 2L!

#1 – Update Outlines Every Weekend

I know that this is a best practice, but it something I have never been able to do. This semester, it is essential that I do it! Why? Because the University of Arizona launched a brand new Phoenix externship program that I am participating in, and this program follows the quarter system. This means that I take my first final in just seven weeks, so I have no time to procrastinate. Outlining each weekend will allow me to be well prepared for my quickly approaching final.

#2 –Get To Know My Classmates Better

I am pretty tight or at least have socialized with most of the people in my small section. I also have a few close friends in other sections. But there are 130 people in my class and in the Phoenix program, there are at least ten students that I do not know very well. So this semester, I want to make it a priority to get to know my fellow 2Ls better.

#3 – Become More Involved In the Legal Community

Last semester I became a school representative to the Arizona State Bar Association’s Young Lawyer Division (YLD). Because I was in Tucson, I teleconferenced to each meeting. Now that I am in Phoenix for the semester, I want to attend the meetings, as well as become more involved with local chapter events. This will help me build my legal network in the city I plan to practice in once I graduate.

#4 – Better Utilize Office Hours

Office hours are a great way to gain a better understanding of class materials, that I have greatly underutilized in the past. This semester, since I will be outlining weekly, it will be easier for me to recognize gaps in my understanding that I normally wouldn’t see until the end of the semester. Attending office hours consistently throughout the semester will help me fill in these gaps.

#5 – Pick Up a Hobby

Law School can be all-consuming, so it is good to have an outlet where you can meet new people and do something enjoyable. I used to have many different hobbies that I have completely abandoned since I began law school. Now seems like a great time to return to the golf course or the driving range. Not only will this give me an escape and a chance to socialize with friends, but it will also help me be ready if I get invited out for a round with my firm over the summer!

Have you made any law school-related new years resolutions? If so, let me know over at the @The2LLife on Twitter or Instagram.