University of Brighton collaborates with BARBRI on new solicitors qualification exam

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The University of Brighton has today announced that it is collaborating with BARBRI, a global legal education provider, to offer its LLM students access to Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE) Prep courses during their course.

From September 2021, the SQE examination will replace the Legal Practice Course (LPC) as the main route to qualification for solicitors in England and Wales. Students will be able to sit the first SQE exams in November 2021, which will run twice a year thereafter.

CPE / PG Diploma in Law and LLM (Law) Conversion students studying at the University of Brighton will be able to prepare for the SQE1 examinations as part of their qualification with the university, giving them the best possible chance of success. Developed by internationally renowned legal and training experts, BARBRI’s SQE Prep has been crafted to equip students with the in-depth knowledge and tools they need for the new SQE examination.

Commenting on the collaboration, Dr Claire-Michelle Smyth, Postgraduate Law Courses Leader at the University of Brighton, said: “The relationship with BARBRI will mean that our students are as well prepared and knowledgeable as they can be ahead of the SQE exams. Inclusivity is a core value of our university, so the introduction of the SQE is something we welcome, given its potential to open up the legal sector to a much greater diversity of people who wish to become solicitors.”

The SQE examination is split into two sections, BARBRI’s courses will help students prepare for both elements.  The two parts of the SQE examination are called SQE1 and SQE2 and test students using multiple-choice questions and skills assessments.

Victoria Cromwell, director of UK programmes at BARBRI said: “We’re excited to announce this new collaboration with Brighton University as it helps widen access to our SQE Prep courses to even more potential solicitors. With a diverse student body and a commitment to creating opportunities for all, Brighton is a perfect match for BARBRI when it comes to breaking down barriers and encouraging entry into the legal sector.”

BARBRI’s innovative testing and learning technologies are designed to provide future solicitors with the best opportunity to succeed. It offers a range of pathways to prepare aspiring solicitors to successfully complete the SQE1 and SQE2.

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