SQE Scholarship Terms & Conditions

  1. A scholarship award is available to all new students starting on a BARBRI SQE1 Prep course of study. The value of the awards is determined from time to time, and will be advertised on the BARBRI website. The scholarship is only available for BARBRI SQE1 courses. Interested applicants should contact BARBRI if they have any further queries.
  2. Students can apply for a scholarship award at any time. Your application will be reviewed for the next available funding round. Visit the scholarships and discounts page of the BARBRI website for updates regarding the availability of scholarships and discounts.
  3. To promote brevity and succinctness, there is a strict 1,000-word limit per entry for essay submission scholarships.
  4. Essay submission scholarship entries must be substantially about the scholarship topic, which, for the currently open BARBRI Essay Competition SQE Scholarship, is what "How technology can assist law firms of the future?" and "What is the role of a solicitor in the 21st century?" for the Legal Cheek Essay Competition SQE Scholarship.
  5. Successful essay submission scholarship’s content may be shared on BARBRI social media platforms and the BARBRI website (content will be anonymised).
  6. For merit based and public sector scholarships, the student must provide sufficient evidence to support their scholarship application.
  7. Awards will not be applied to any other BARBRI courses.
  8. Decisions made by BARBRI regarding eligibility for all discounts and scholarships are final. Awards are made at the full and sole discretion of BARBRI, no feedback on individual applications will be provided. All awards of the scholarships are made on a first come, first served basis and will be limited in number due to funding.
  9. BARBRI will use its website to advertise the terms and conditions in relation to these awards.
  10. Successful scholarship recipients will be notified by email. Students awarded scholarships and discounts will have their awards applied before the official course start date.
  11. All scholarship awards will be given as tuition fee remissions and will be applied before the official start date of the course. Students will not be eligible to have the award applied in subsequent years of study. If a student chooses to defer their studies, they can do so in line with the normal deferral terms and conditions provided all outstanding fees for the original course have been paid in full and any deferral fees are paid in full.
  12. A student can only be in receipt of one BARBRI scholarship. Students who meet the eligibility criteria for more than one of the scholarships will be awarded the scholarship which is the most beneficial to them. Only one scholarship per student per course will be applied. Scholarships cannot be combined with any other BARBRI discounts or promotions.
  13. No cash alternatives will be offered.
  14. Awards cannot be transferred to another recipient.
  15. Only self‐funded students are eligible for scholarships and discounts. Students in receipt of any type of sponsorship or third-party funding will not be eligible.
  16. BARBRI reserves the right to cancel any award which has been claimed fraudulently on the basis of false information. If an award is found to have been claimed fraudulently, the award amount will be added to the student’s account and must be paid in full before the end of the student’s course.
  17. Where a student who has been awarded a scholarship terminates or interrupts their studies prior to the completion of their first year of study, the award will be pro‐rated, based on the student’s last date of attendance.
  18. Recipients of a scholarship or discount must have no outstanding debt to BARBRI at the point of a scholarship being awarded.
  19. By accepting a scholarship, students agree to accept the full terms, conditions and rules of the scholarship and agree to abide by the rules and any requirements and/or proceedings issued by BARBRI in relation to the scholarship.

For all enquiries regarding scholarships and discounts, please contact sqe@barbri.com.

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